GRENLEC distributes $83,000

GRENLEC’s Community Partnership initiative continues to touch lives as the company has distributed $83,000 to Care Institutions and Programme for Adolescent Mothers (PAM).

Representatives of Care Institutions and PAM hold cheque for the whopping sum of $83,000

Representatives of Care Institutions and PAM hold cheque for the whopping sum of $83,000

The island’s sole electricity company handed over cheques to the recipients during a brief ceremony held last week Thursday at its Dusty Highway office.

Senior Manager at GRENLEC, Jeffrey Neptune said the company recognises the sacrifices that the various institutions have made and is proud to have contributed over the years towards the development of the social fabric of Grenada.

“As one of the leading corporate citizens, GRENLEC is truly committed to giving back to the citizens of Grenada. GRENLEC has given tremendous support over the years and continues to support social development”, he said.

“Our commitment to the citizens of Grenada goes far beyond that of
social development but stems into the field of educational development and we hope that the contributions that you receive today from GRENLEC will go a long way in terms of augmenting the social and educational programme of your various institutions,” he added.

Lisa Charles expressed her thanks to the Electric Company on behalf of the Care Institutions and PAM.

“We are grateful for their support and commitment to helping us to give quality care to the persons that we take care of. We believe that given this opportunity, (we) will help them in the future, giving them a chance at life and the elderly – they would’ve made their contributions already – so we giving back to them and we want to thank GRENLEC for helping us to do that,’ she said.

The $83,000 is split between 11 Care Institutions – Hillarion Home ($5000), Hill View Home ($5000), Cadrona Home ($5000), Charles Memorial Home ($5000), Missionaries of Charity ($5000), Queen Elizabeth Home ($5000), Dorothy Hopkin Home ($5000), Top Hill Home in Carriacou ($5000), Bel Air Home ($18,000), St Martin’s Home ($5000), Grand Anse Home for the Aged ($15,000) and Programme for Adolescent Mothers ($5000).

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