Eight Years For Canadian National

A Canadian National will serve time at the Richmond Hill prison after being found guilty of possession and trafficking of a controlled drug.

Michael Davis will have no choice but to spend 8 years in another man’s prison

Michael Davis will have no choice but to spend 8 years in another man’s prison

Forty year old, Michael Davis, a construction worker of Brampton, Ontario, was sentenced to 8 years in prison by Chief Magistrate, Tamara Gill.

Davis who was on remand at the prison since January, appeared on June 18 when the sentence was handed down on him.

The Canadian national was found in January with ten pounds of cocaine with a street value of $454,545.40 when he attempted to board a plane at the airport to fly back to Canada.

Davis, who is a husband and father of four children in Canada, was once represented by Attorney at Law, Peter David but up to the time of his sentencing represented himself at the court hearing.

The accused told the court that he was on vacation and only left the hotel once.

He said his wife has cancer and is crippled and so he left her to come to Grenada to relax.

Davis failed in his efforts to convince the Chief Magistrate that the bag in which the illegal drugs was found did not have anything in it when it was purchased and that he did not put drugs in it nor have any knowledge that it was there.

However, Magistrate Gill stated that the most “damning” piece of evidence beside his indicators at the airport was the difference in weight of his bag, which he should have observed.

The convict in the beginning of the court session said that the content of the bag was undisturbed up until the discovery of the bag but later on stated that the bag must have been taken away and prepared while he had a drink prior to checking out of the hotel.

Magistrate Gill told Davis that he did not put forward sufficient evidence to convince the court of his innocence and warned that it was a serious offence to use Grenada’s Ports of entry and departure illegally.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper spoke with Officer in charge of the Drug Squad, Superintendent Rodriguez James who expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the case in favour of his unit.

“I am satisfied with the sentence and I hope it sends the message that Grenada is not a place where you can traffic drugs, especially cocaine and get away with it,” Supt James said.

Davis was adamant throughout the hearing before the Chief Magistrate that he was innocent of the charge but Supt James said he had no doubt about his guilt.

“I have no doubt about his guilt based on the circumstantial evidence and similar modus of other persons caught”, he said.

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