$60, 000 for Drugs and Ammunition

Alvin Henry who is originally from Chantimelle, St. Patrick’s but moved down to live at Beaulieu in St. George north-east.

Alvin Henry –  fined of  thousands of dollars for drug possession

Alvin Henry –
fined of
thousands of dollars for drug possession

Henry has pleaded guilty to drug related charges last week Thursday when he made his first court appearance at St George’s Magistrate Court.

He was charged with trafficking of a controlled drug (marijuana) and possession of ammunition.

His lawyer, Peter David tried to get the Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill to impose a custodial sentence but was not successful.

Henry was fined $60,000 to be paid in nine months or spend four years at the Richmond Hill prison.

On the ammunition charge, he was fined $3,000 dollars to be paid in three months and in default spend 18 months in prison.

The evidence against the suspect was that thirty-two pounds of Cannabis with a street value of $73, 851.71 was found at a house in Beaulieu occupied by Henry, as well as a 9 millimeter magazine containing 11 rounds of ammunition and two 38 rounds of ammunition.

A police raiding party also reportedly discovered a small portion of Cannabis inside the house but seven packets of compressed Cannabis and a gun and ammunition were found buried in a barrel at the back of the house.

Henry was seen fleeing the house as the police approached on June 18 but decided to turn himself into law enforcement officers four days later on June 22.

During the court hearing, David also advised two of his clients -Vincentian Rakymo Peters and Grenadian Kenny Morain to plead guilty to charges of Possession and Trafficking of a controlled drug.

Seven and a half pounds of Cannabis with a street value of $17,000 were found in their possession.

Morain has had problems with the law before pleading guilty to Manslaughter in 2013 in connection with the 2008 Black Bay murder of Anthony Frederick.

Morain was fined $8000 to be paid in five months on the drug charge by the Chief Magistrate who ruled that if he defaults on the payment he would have to spend two years in prison.

The Vincentian Peters was fined $8000 dollars for trafficking of a controlled drug and $1000 on a charge of entering the State without the consent of an Immigration Officer.

Answering to charges last Friday was Vincentian Ian Chance, who appeared before Magistrate Teddy Victor on Marijuana charges.

He was fined $3000 after pleasding guilty to possession of Cannabis and $500 for entering the state withput the consent of an Immigration officer.

Chance was ordered to pay the monies forthwith and in default spend 18 months at Her Majesty’s prison.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper spoke with Inspector Simon Dickson on the latest set of convictions in favour of Police Prosecutors.

He said the decisions handed down indicate that the police are working  hard in the fight against illegal drugs on the island.

“The court has its functions and whatever the penalty we accept it.
It just goes to show that they are guilty and I am satisfied that we worked hard and the matter was justified,” he told the newspaper.

According to Insp. Dickson, the arrests should serve as a lesson to persons who engage in illegal activities, that one day they are going to have to face the consequences for their actions.

The Drug Squad of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) under the command of Superintendent Roderiques James has been able to make a number of drug interdiction arrests in recent months.

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