Sol launches ‘Go Further’ Line of Fuels

The Sol Group, the leading supplier of energy products in the Caribbean, has launched its Sol Go Further line of fuels to customers in the Grenada market.

The new product is formulated to enhance fuel economy, giving consumers more mileage with every full tank of Sol gasoline or diesel.

“We aim to provide the highest quality of fuel and petroleum products to our customers, to enhance the performance of their vehicles and save them time and money,” said Country Manager of SOL EC LTD, George Bain.

“We are pleased to introduce the Go Further fuels to our Grenada team and customers. This product has already been introduced to territories elsewhere in the region, and we are confident that customers in Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique will also welcome the benefits of Going Further with Sol”, he added.

Sol Go Further gasoline and diesel are specially formulated to offer up to 10 km more per full tank, based on average driving conditions.

The Go Further line of fuels is known for its advanced formulation, including cleaning and friction modifying technology. With prolonged usage, motorists will be able to experience the benefits of better engine performance, emissions reduction, less corrosion, and improved fuel economy.

The International Organisation of Standardization (ISO) tested product was developed in response to extensive market research, which indicated that every day motorists needed a more reliable, economic, and performance enhancing fuel.

The launch of the Sol Go Further fuels in Grenada is in line with the company’s commitment to providing quality products and services to its customers.

Since the company first entered the Caribbean market in 2005, it has been making consistent efforts to invest in communities throughout the region.

The introduction of this innovative line of ‘Go Further’ products affirms Sol’s commitment to the continued investment in Grenada.

Sol, a Caribbean-owned company, is currently celebrating ten years of providing innovative energy solutions to individuals, families, businesses, and government organisations across the region.

(The above was submitted by SOL)

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