Constantinian Order to manage projects

The Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George which has
pledged one million Pound Sterling towards the development of a number of projects in Grenada will be monitoring the management of these projects, according to Vicar General of the Diocese of St. George’s-in-Grenada, Fr. Clifton Harris.

Fr. Harris – identified the projects for funding

Fr. Harris – identified the projects for funding

The high-ranking clergyman told the Government Information Service (GIS) that the Constantinian Order manages those projects that it gets involved in around the world.

Two weeks ago, the Grand Prior of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George and ProtoDeacon of the Holy Roman Church, His Eminence Renato Raffaelel Cardinal Martino lead a delegation to Grenada, and during a Thanksgiving Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in St. George’s announced that the Order will be funding a number of local projects.

Fr. Harris said while it is too early to say when the money for the projects will be made available, he has observed that while the delegation was in Grenada they were almost beginning “to put pen to the cheque.”

“We are going to get it (the money). I don’t know the break down as such as yet. We still have to wait a little while, but I can tell you this… the Sacred Constantinian Order if they promise you they will give – true to the projects,” he said.

The Vicar General indicated that it is a lot of money that is being pumped into the projects, and Grenadians will benefit immensely.

He is happy that funding will now be made available for the rehabilitation of the Sheila Buckmire Memorial Library in St. George’s which was not in use for a prolonged period of time.

Fr. Clifton said another project that will be beneficial to the country is the New Life Organisation (NEWLO) at Palmiste, St. John’s which gives young people who have not been successful at school a second chance to be of value to society.

The other projects to receive funding are the Dorothy Hopkin Home at Tempe, St. George’s, the Senior Citizens Homes at Grand Anse, St. George’s, and Top Hill, Carriacou, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, and the Girls Centre at Grand Anse.

The Senior Roman Catholic Cleric said the projects earmarked for funding by the Constantinian Order can be considered as the beginning of more to come for Grenada.

He disclosed that apart from the named projects that will receive immediate funding, the local Roman Catholic Bishop, Vincent Darius had put forward to Cardinal Martino and his delegation some others which directly involves the Catholic Church in the Spice Isle.

According to him, Bishop Darius made a request for grant funding to be made available for the rebuilding of the St. David’s Catholic Secondary School at La Sagesse, St. David’s.

Fr. Harris said the delegation visited the school at its current location at Petit Esperance, St. David’s and was able to get a first-hand view of its deplorable condition.

The Constantinian Order also visited the J W Fletcher Catholic Secondary School, and according to Fr. Harris, the Church Group is interested in building an audio-visual block and some additional classrooms for the institution.

The Vicar General disclosed that the Constantinian Order is looking at the possibility of establishing a regional office in Grenada.

He said the investment being made in Grenada by the Church Group which is involved with humanitarian and charitable work in various islands of the Caribbean will see Grenada benefitting in a great way.

Fr. Harris noted that it was just another branch of the Constantinian Order being extended, and from that branch comes fruits which will start to bear.

He said he sees the visit by the officials from Rome as bringing a renewed hope to Grenada and the Church’s activities on the island.

The Vicar General said the Roman Catholic Church is not known to be blowing its trumpet, but a lot of persons are now recognising the humanitarian work that the Church has been doing over the years.

“Not just giving out rice, but even hospital equipment that the Church has been assisting with. Our Schools alone, I think we have the largest number of schools on this island educating our people,” he said.

The Roman Catholic Church has one of the largest following of religious denominations in the country.

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