Anglican Archdeacon defends CCG

Archdeacon Christian Glasgow of the Anglican Church has come to the defense of the Conference of Churches of Grenada (CCG) which has been under some criticisms for not speaking out publicly on several national issues.

In recent times, Talk Show Hosts, and callers to various call-in programmes have been accusing the CCG of not advocating on behalf of the people who are left in distressed situations because of government policies.

Delivering his weekly sermon at last Sunday’s mass held in St. George’s, Archdeacon Glasgow said the CCG advocates in corridors, and that the Church Grouping knows that it cannot be comfortable as long as there is inequity of one sort or another.

The Anglican Cleric reminded his congregation of the old proverb which says, “there is more ways than one to skin a cat.’”

This simply means, he said that there are more than one way to do things.

According to the clergyman, advocating is not only done by getting on the radio and making “a lot of ignorant noise”, as well as getting on the streets and jumping up with a lot of placards.

While recognising that these are some ways of advocating, Archdeacon Glasgow identified speaking through to power as the most important way of advocating for the voiceless.

“Getting your voice heard where it matters, that, to my mind, is the heart of advocating for the voiceless, and that’s what the Church does in more ways than one for, first of all, we must give ourselves to the Lord,” he said.

CCG is a member of the Committee of Social Partners which has committed itself to work for justice and equity in the interest of national development.
Some churches have been accused of not wanting to be critical of government policies because of an annual subvention given to them by the State.

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