Vatican money for project in G’da

A total of one million pounds has been promised by the Constantine Order of the Catholic Church to assist in much needed projects in Grenada.

Prime Minister Keith Mitchell and Bishop Vincent Darius stand in photo op with the Vatican

Prime Minister Keith Mitchell and Bishop Vincent Darius stand in photo op with the Vatican

The news as conveyed by Representatives of the Vatican, His Eminence Renato Raffaele Cardinal Martino, Grand Prior of the Constantinian Order and ProtoDeacon of the Holy Roman Church Cardinal and Anthony Bailey who paid a visit to Grenada last week.

The high-ranking official from Vatican City in Rome met with Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell and officials of the Catholic Church.

Among the projects identified for funding from Vatican include the Restoration and Rehabilitation of the Grenada Public Library, the Vocational Training Project of New Life Organisation (NEWLO), St. Joseph’s Convent Education and Training Project, St Patrick Roman Catholic Church, Dorothy Hopkin Home for the disabled, Top Hill Home in Carriacou, Grand Anse Home for the Aged, and the Grand Anse Girl’s Centre.

According to Vicar General of the Diocese of St George’s, Father Clifton Harris, he was confident that the money from Rome would be spent wisely.

“The Government House, it’s part of the country’s patrimony, its part of our heritage as far as we know and which we know was destroyed during Ivan, it’s part of the running of the state and it is to the benefit of the people. If they are able to give money to assist with the construction…but if we can get a grant, we as in the people of Grenada to rebuild the Government House then Hip, Hip, Hooray we would love to get that”, he said.

“…Our nation suffers and even in our technological age, the library still is necessary. We still need books (for) people who can’t afford
the Internet, Cable and so on, will have access to the library. It’s an essential part for the nation and for the people,” he added.

According to Father Harris, the Catholic Church has put forward a number of projects to the visiting delegation and the Vatican indicated they would give assistance.

“Number one for us is St David’s Catholic Secondary School … we have put forward a project for the rebuilding of the new school. They (the Vatican delegation) paid a visit to the school to see first hand what the situation is and then they hinted that they would assist. We don’t know the level of assistance that would be granted”, he said.

“…The same was done too for JW Fletcher Catholic Secondary School. We put forward a project to build an additional wing on the school for the Visual Arts and a few more classrooms and the Cardinal did indicate that they are going to assist for those two projects,” he added.

Grenada has a large Catholic community that controls several primary school on the island.

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