SDCSS to undergo repairs in weeks

As soon as the school year closes in July, repairs will start on the St David’s Catholic Secondary School (SDCSS) to make it usable for the next ten years.

This was disclosed to THE NEW TODAY by Vicar General of the Diocese of St George’s, Father Clifton Harris in an interview with the newspaper.
Matters involving the school have been on the national agenda in recent weeks creating quite a buzz among parents of SDCSS.

The school has been in such a state of disrepair and deterioration that teachers have been forced to hold classes on the outside in the open air with students.

According to Fr. Harris it is the hope that within those ten years that a new school will be built in the parish.

“We do not intend to be there all those ten years. So the repairs which are being done is to facilitate the students (staying) there in a safe condition while the new school is being built”, he said.

“…Government has offered two acres of land in La Sagesse, two acres behind the playing field, which is intended for the construction of the school”, he added.

The clergyman indicated that the church has accepted the land as a requirement for going forward but no decision has been reached on the size of the new school to be constructed.

He also said that the Vatican, the holy city where the head of the Roman Catholic church is located, would give assistance to the school project.

“We are seeking a grant as part of the visit from the Cardinal …. (and) … we have put together a project proposal for St David’s Catholic Secondary School, the new school,” he added.

The repairs, which will be done to the school, should be finished in time for the opening of the new school year in September.

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