NDC Caretaker calls for consultation

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Caretaker for the Constituency of St. David’s, Adrian “Persuader” Thomas has joined in the call for proper provision to be made to accommodate the students of the St. David’s Catholic Secondary School (SDCSS).

Thomas told a public meeting of the NDC at Corinth, St. David’s that he is following the scenario at SDCSS as the school is very dear to him.

He spoke of having spent five years as a student at the school, which he said has excelled not only academically, but in a number of extra-curricular activities including sports.

The school is currently in a dilapidated state, and poses a threat to the safety and security of students and teachers.

Thomas said government must solve the problem that currently exists, but in doing so the people must be involved.

A meeting was held recently by officials of the Ministry of Education with parents of the Pomme Rose Roman Catholic School who informed them that the school will be relocated to the Marlmount Community and Resource Centre in St. David’s in order to accommodate the SDCSS students.

The Crochu Community Centre was previously being looked at as a possible venue to relocate the students at Pomme Rose but it was recognised that it is not able to accommodate more than 200 students.

The information presented by officials of the Ministry of Education reportedly angered parents who publicly voiced their opposition for the students to being relocated to Marlmount.

Thomas believes that the resistance expressed by the parents could escalate nationally.

“I am smelling something is brewing in Grenada and it is about to begin in St. David’s, in (the) St. David’s Catholic Secondary Catholic School and the Pomme Rose Catholic School,” he said.

“I am smelling that something terrible will be happening if Dr. Keith Mitchell and his men in Cabinet do not come to terms that the people must be consulted whenever they are going to take such a drastic decision. If they are not prepared to consult the people and sit in Cabinet and make this high-handed decision, they will pay dearly,” he added.

Thomas indicated that over a two-day period there were two demonstrations staged by parents.

He said the people of St. David’s will stand up with the authorities of both SDCSS and the Pomme Rose Roman Catholic School.

The NDC Caretaker for the constituency took a swipe at the Parliamentary Representative for the constituency, Economic Development Minister, Oliver Joseph for not meeting with the teachers or parents of SDCSS.

He said it is an insult for only the Chief Education Officer, Elvis Morain to be exposed to a difficult task.

Morain who was previously the Principal of JW Fletcher Memorial RC Secondary School resides in the Parish of St. David’s

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