Ajamu: The people who know me sing a different song

Grenada’s eighth-times Calypso Monarch, Edson “Ajamu” Mitchell has brushed aside claims of being selfish.

The latest attack on Ajamu came from his fellow Calypsonian Jerry “Papa Jerry” Baptiste who spoke of the “King Man” as is known in some quarters as embarking on a personal venture, and is not someone who is really trying to uplift the culture.

In response to the verbal attack, Ajamu told a radio programme the people who know him will sing a different song from those who are throwing stones at him and are trying to brand him as being a selfish person.

Ajamu spoke at length about the support he has been giving to Calypsonians over the years in assisting them to lift the standard of their music.

He said he even  left his family in the United States and returned to Grenada last year where he rebuilt his studio with the intention of helping to lift the music industry on the island.

According to the decorated calypso monarch winner, he choose to do this although he had a functional recording studio in Virginia in the US which was being used by artistes all over the world.

“If you look at it financially, I stand more to gain working from America than working here in Grenada,” he said.

The reigning Calypso Monarch said he feels obligated to provide whatever support he can to make sure that the local artform moves in a better direction.

He also spoke of reaching out to the less fortunate in the community by contributing in various forms by way of school supplies to their children or through medical support.

Ajamu said many people do not know that about him as he keeps his personal life private and not in the public domain.

“You can call me many things, but I don’t think selfish is one that you would gain points with – that would be so wrong,” he added.

Meanwhile, the King Man Calypso Tent has already opened its doors for the Carnival Season but the tent is without its title sponsor from last year, LIME.

Ajamu expressed disappointment that the tent is without LIME’s sponsorship, saying that while arrangements were being put in place for this year’s season, he was given the assurance that the telecommunication company was going to be on board once again.

King Man said he was having difficulty in communicating with the company and decided to visit the office only to be told that due to the proposed FLOW-LIME merger, a decision was taken to hold back on the contributions they have been making to Carnival.

The tent Leader said he was forced to use his resources to make sure that the launching that took place last week Saturday did not fall apart.

The reigning Calypso Monarch is urging the business community to give support to the calypso tents.

“The business people who can make a difference, whether if it is providing a bottle of water for the musicians, we would really appreciate whatever support you can give to the tent,” he said.

Ajamu is confident that once support comes from corporate Grenada, patrons to the King Man Calypso Tent can expect a Caribbean night featuring the veteran Calypsonians from the region.

He said his vision for the culture has nothing to do with “Ajamu.”

“What I am doing is nothing personal, it is nothing selfish, because if it was selfish, if it was personal, I probably would have been at a different location right now,” he remarked.

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