Child and Caregiver Conference scheduled for July

A two-day conference on the importance of developing healthy relationships between the child and caregiver/teacher is scheduled for next month at the Alumni Hall, St. George’s University, True Blue, St. George.

The conference being organised by New York/Grenada NGO, Reachwithin in collaboration with St. George’s University (SGU) and research foundation, WINDREF.

The organisers are urging caregivers within the tri-island state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit-Martinique to register before June 20, for the annual two-day conference of Caribbean Children and Caregivers to be held under the theme, “The Importance of Their Relationships.”

According to Communications Officer with the local chapter of Reach within, Christine George, the conference is about exposing new ideas and would also be a very educational one for caregivers/teachers as they would be exposed to new ideas.

“We are bringing in experts and specialists that are leaders in the field and participants would be able to talk and question them. This conference is important because it’s about nurturing positive relationships with the child and these relationships would directly affect how the child views him or herself, how they view the world and how they interact with the rest of the world as they grow up. What we are trying to do is give the child a positive start in life so that when they are facing life’s challenges they can cope with it in a positive way…”, she said.

Registration for the event cost EC$200.00 and according to conference organisers, registering before  June 20, will ensure lunch at the conference, which takes place July 2-3.

However, registration after this date is still welcomed, including walk-ins on the day, but lunch cannot be guaranteed.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the conference is expected to combine current theory with practical interactive workshops and will focus on the importance of developing healthy relationships between the child and the caregiver/teacher to help improve the child’s short and long-term behavioural outcome.

It will target people responsible for the caring, nurturing and protecting of Grenada’s youth including parents, step-parents, relatives, teachers, care home workers, Au Pairs, nursery workers, roving caregivers, teachers, police and child protection staff, all of whom will receive a certificate of attendance at the conclusion.

The conference is a collaborative effort of the three organisations and is the second of its kind to be held in Grenada.

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