Kayla Jordan is elated

Eleven-year-old Kayla Jordan of Westmorland Primary School took the third spot in the just-released Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) exams.

THE NEW TODAY newspaper visited the school on Tuesday morning to interview the young student who scored 484 points.

“I felt really overjoyed and very excited. I was really shocked. I didn’t think I would be so good in it and I was just overwhelmed. My mom said wow, really? Both my parents were shocked and really excited.” she said.

According to Kayla, her favourite subject was Mathematics and that was the easiest part of the exam for her as there was only one question she didn’t know the answer to but she had some challenges in English and Science.

She said she has been taught to never study too much for exams and that is how she prepared for CPEA.

“I studied but I didn’t over study and all of my teachers helped and did work for me,” she remarked.

Kayla will be attending Westmorland Secondary when the new school year begins in September and this is where her heart was set on going.

“I really enjoyed our work and the uniform and how all of the teachers teach and how they prepare test and stuff like that and I am just really excited to be going (to) the senior school now. I am …overwhelmed,” she quipped.

Grade six teacher Sorojeni Persad who prepared the 11-year old and others in the class for the exam said she was not surprised by the results of her top student.

“I knew that she was going to do really well. I know the class was going to do really well. They have the ability. She is definitely going to make everybody proud up there (Westmorland Secondary) because she is that type of person”, she said.

“She is determined, she is very confident; she knows what she is about. She takes her time to learn her work. She is dedicated. She is self-motivated… I will be disappointed to lose her,” added the teacher.

School supervisor, Marize Kimberly-James told The New Today that she never doubted for one minute that her students were going to do well in the exam.

“I am very happy in general. All the students performed well. Each child received their first choice. I knew the majority of the class because I taught them at the KG level and the development over the period was wonderful”, she said.

“I saw in them the ability to do something wonderful and that is what happened – they were very keen, they were very determined, they always try to do better the next time. I expected nothing less,” the ecstatic supervisor added.

Kimberly-James made a plea for her CPEA students to continue doing a good job and keep studying since she is expecting great things from them at the CXC level.

President of the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT), Lydon Lewis at a press conference Tuesday expressed his satisfaction with the results of the 2015 CPEA.

Even though there were over 200 students left back at the primary school, Lewis praised the teachers for putting in the extra time to prepare their charges for the exams.

“We are very heartened by the figures that have shown in terms of the number of students getting 50% and above. A lot of times people keep mounting criticisms on teachers. We have seen that teachers have performed very well because our students have not only done well nationally but throughout the region and it speaks volume to the efforts our teachers are making in difficult times,” he told reporters.

The GUT boss commended the teachers for making the sacrifices that they did to get the results they did with their students in the exam.

Kayla Jordan is from St. Paul’s and is the daughter of Michael and Joanne Jordan.

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