GTA talks Grenada Girls Getaway

The markets of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany and the Caribbean are being targeted as the major areas for the newly launched Grenada Girls Getaway promotion (GGG).

This is an initiative being undertaken by the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) to help bolster the island’s visitor arrival figures.

GGG which was launched June 1 is the newest promotion of the local Tourism Authority that will run for six months inviting groups of women to travel to Grenada during the June to December period.

According to Marketing Executive of GTA, Delicia Decoteau, the promotion will be “offering groups of two or more women value added deals on full service hotels, activities, tours and car rentals.

“The promotion was developed in direct response to the current request by US travel agents and research indicating the upsurge of group travel specifically multi generational families and girl friends,” Decoteau told reporters at a press conference.

She said the promotion is designed to increase user generated content and travel experiences in Grenada and increase travel to the destination in the low season.

“While the marketing campaign for the Grenada Girls Getaway promotion is specifically target, our studies show that there is interest – the interest sharing of travel experience on social media influences travel in daily boomers and generation X”, she said.

“…We are currently using traditional promotional efforts like magazine features and electronic media and digital marketing strategies such as email marketing, banner advertising and social media marketing to generate awareness and interest promotion,” she added.

Decoteau sees the entrance of both Delta and JetBlue service to the Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA) as very timely for the promotion.

“Non-stop weekly flights from Atlanta (by Delta) expands the number of persons who can fly to Grenada with ease and very importantly Atlanta is a hub for connecting flights to other states in America”, she remarked.

“…Alongside the Grenada Girls Getaway promotion we executed marketing activities with Delta and MLT vacations from February to June this year,” she said.

In recent years, tourism has emerged as the leading earner of foreign exchange for the island and job creation for most Grenadians.

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