Three Caught with 65lbs of Ganja

Garfield Blackman and co-accused Terrence Thomas along with Elliott Roque

Garfield Blackman and co-accused Terrence Thomas along with Elliott Roque

Construction Helper Garfield Blackman of Woburn, St. George has been placed on EC$80, 000 bail with two sureties after he appeared in court Monday on drug possession charges.

Blackman is one of three men arrested by the police for allegedly engaged in trafficking and possession of a controlled drug, following a police operation conducted at Richmond Hill, St. George last week.

This newspaper understands that Blackman, along with two co-accused, Terrence Thomas and Vincentian national, Elliott Roque, were apprehended after they were caught transporting a quantity of cannabis from a vehicle to a house in Richmond Hill, last week Friday afternoon.

During Monday’s court proceedings at the St. George’s Magistrate Court Number one, the Prosecution revealed that the illegal substance carries a weight of 65 pounds and a street value of EC$147, 222.

Attorney-at-Law, Senator Peter David, who represented the three drug suspects requested bail for his clients.

The request was met with strong objection from the Prosecution, which pointed out to the court the seriousness of the offence and what was labeled as a “growing trend” especially in drug related matters, of some defendants fleeing the country while their court case is still ongoing.

Attorney David disagreed with the contention of the Prosecution and asked Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill to grant bail to his clients in particular Blackman and Thomas.

After listening to the argument put forward by both sides the Chief Magistrate Gill took the decision to only grant bail to Blackman.

As part of the bail condition, the accused has to report daily to the South St. George Police Station between 6.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m.

However, Terrence Thomas, whom the Prosecution alleged is a resident of St. Vincent and St Vincent national, Elliott Roque were not so lucky and were remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison at Richmond Hill.

The Prosecution also hinted to the court that more charges could be laid against Roque, who may have entered the state illegally.

The three men are expected to make their next court appearance on June 19.

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