Grenadian Woman Arrested for Theft of US$20, 000 Diamond Rings in Miami

Details are beginning to emerge about a Grenadian woman who once worked with Colombian Emeralds International on the Carenage being arrested late last month and charged in Miami with Grand Theft.

Grace Andrew-Mc Millan – on bail in Miami for Grand Theft

Grace Andrew-Mc Millan – on bail in Miami for Grand Theft

THE NEW TODAY understands that the suspect, now on $US 5000.00 bail is Grace Andrew-Mc Millan, the former wife of a leading mini bus operator in the St. Paul’s area.

An official of the local branch of Colombian Emeralds confirmed the arrest and detention of the company’s ex-employee but wanted it to be known that she is no longer connected with the business that has offices in a number of major world cities.

The Facebook profile of Andrew-McMillan indicate that she is employed with Norwegian Cruise Line.

The Colombian Emeralds employee said he was surprised that the local media did not find out about the story before since it has been posted for several days now on the internet.

He confirmed that several of the staffers at Colombian Emeralds were “sho-shooing” about the incident and searching all over the internet to pick up more details of the arrest of their former colleague.

Andrew-Mc Millan has been described as one of the initial set of workers at Courts G’da Limited when the British firm opened its doors to the public in the Spice Isle.

According to reports reaching our News Desk, the Grenadian woman, a mother of two children, was charged in connection with the alleged theft of two expensive Diamond rings belonging to the company.

connected with the Grenadian operations, to sell its products on a cruise ship that operates out of Miami, Florida.

He said that she was suspected of swallowing the Diamond rings, worth US$10, 000.00 each,  in order to leave the ship with it.

He spoke of the woman being taken into custody and given a laxative to pass out the contents of whatever she had taken into her mouth.

“I understand that she passed out the two Diamond rings and that was the proof they were looking for. She was promptly taken into custody”, the source said.

An investigation carried out by this newspaper indicate that Andrew-Mc Millan had been in a holding are and given the jail number at Dade County prison in Miami of 150131467.

Her Case Number is listed as: F15011163

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