NDC Member calls on GMNIB to focus on agro processing

A senior member of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) believes that the move made by the Grenada Marketing and National Importing Board (GMNIB) to open a depot in Grenville, St. Andrew’s will cripple the farmers and vendors in that Parish.

Caretaker candidate for St. David’s, Adrian “Persuader” Thomas told a public meeting of his political party last week Wednesday at Circular Drive in Grand Anse, St. George’s he believes GMNIB is establishing the enterprise in Grenville to compete with the farmers and market vendors in the rural areas.

The depot is being set up in the building that was once occupied by RBTT Bank in Grenville.

According to Thomas, the $2.6m that has been spent by MNIB to purchase the building should have been used instead to invest in a factory to process the excess fruits that go to waste on the island.

He described as “visionless” the persons who are now running GMNIB, a state-controlled body that was established during the 1979-83 era of the left-leaning People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG) of late marxist leader, Maurice Bishop.

During a television programme last week, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GMNIB, Samuel Andrews said that a market research was conducted and it showed there was a need for the depot in St. Andrew’s.

Andrews disclosed that based on the research, farmers stands to benefit more in terms of cost by having their produce delivered at the Grenville depot.

Most of the farming on the island are done in St. Andrew’s and other neighbouring rural areas.

Andrews also said the research indicated that consumers who were asking for the depot want that kind of ambiance as was being set up in the depot in Grenville.

Thomas reiterated the commitment of NDC to focus on developing the agriculture sector which was seen as one of the major productive sectors in the economy.
He said that a future Congress government will concentrate more on agro processing to help boost the Grenadian economy.

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