Grenada introducing vanity license

For $1000 or more, citizens will have the opportunity to create their very own license plate for their vehicles.

This was announced by Minister for Works, Communications and Public Utilities, Gregory Bowen at a recent post-Cabinet Press Briefing held at the Ministerial Complex.

He said that from the beginning of July, Government will be introducing Vanity licensing, a venture that will bring in much needed revenue for the State.

“While a person may pay $200 for the normal license plate, you would have to pay $1000 (for the Vanity number plate licence)”.

According to Minister Bowen, persons who go for this special licence will be allowed to “design your license plate” and be allowed to place “whatever you wish to put on it, within certain guidelines”.

“… We don’t want anything vulgar or vain. So not because you can come up with the design, we give you the guidelines, morally acceptable (to) the people,” he remarked.

“…We have been getting request for it, so as soon as these guidelines come out, maybe by the beginning of July, you should be able to go and monetise the Treasury by paying us a lot more,” he said.

The senior government minister stated that if 25% of the persons who own vehicles go after the vanity plate licence then that would result in “a significant input for the revenue”.

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