Boatswain pleads for Poultry Farmers

A senior Government Minister has made an appeal to his government to put measures in place so that local poultry farmers could enjoy a fair share of the market for their products.

During the last sitting of the House of Representatives, Education Minister,  Anthony Boatswain told fellow Members of Parliament that the plight of the poultry farmers were brought to his attention at a meeting he had with Members of the Executive of the local poultry association.

According to Boatswain,  the Member of Parliament for the rural St. Patrick West constituency, the problem facing poultry farmers can best be described as a national issue.

He said that Grenada consumes almost thirty million pounds of chicken annually with a value of almost $51m, but local suppliers enjoy only 10 percent of the market share.

He spoke of the poultry farmers informing him that due to the imbalance they are often left with a number of chicken on their hands for which they can find no alternative market.

“I consider this to be unfortunate in light of the fact that our efforts should be to support and to encourage (the) development of local industries,” he told the lower house.

Minister Boatswain said the poultry farmers are asking for consideration to be given to get government’s school feeding programme  to increase on the level of its  local consumption of chicken as most of the chicken that are used within the schools are imported.

In addition, he said the local poultry farmers want government to consider putting a policy measure in place to get the importers of chicken to purchase a certain proportion of the local product.

The minister stated that if the share of the local poultry farmers could be increased to about 25 to 30 percent, it could put them on a sustainable path and resulting in the expansion of the industry.

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