Spicemas 2015, it’s a go

The Roy St John Playing Field was transformed into a carnival-like atmosphere on Saturday as Spicemas 2015 was launched with traditional mas bands, steelbands and carnival enthusiasts showcasing some of their talents.

Grenada’s Number One cultural event was launched under the theme, “Uniquely rooted in our rich ancestral traditions, it’s majestic, it’s authentic, it’s splendour, it’s we mas; fancy mas.

The stands at the Tanteen playing field were fairly filled as patrons showed up to express their enthusiasm for the most looked forward cultural event in August.

Minister for Culture, Sen Brenda Hood who addressed the launch spoke about how pleased she was to see the support given by the Grenadian public to the event.

“Spicemas is a perfect opportunity for all of us to express our cultural uniqueness and revel in the glory of the splendid portrayals of our various masqueraders – the Shortknee, Vekou, Wild Indian, May Pole dancers – (they)speak to our cultural hertitage in a profound manner,” she said.

Sen Hood who also holds the portfolio of Minister of Heritage used the opportunity to call on Grenadians to not take their heritage for granted but to do “all in our power to secure the legacy”.

“Our fancy mas is special in that we see every year new themes that have portrayed though the many interesting concepts and designs. We are very proud to feature fancy mas as the theme celebration for Spicemas 2015,” she said.

Spicemas 2015 will see the emergence of a brand new band for Children Carnival Frolic and member of the band, Roslyn Griffith spoke to reporters about the band, “fuzion”.

“A couple of us in the group has been participants of carnival for a long time and there are also some friends that are interested in designing mas. So we thought why not come together and make a group to showcase what we have with some ideas so we can make a presentation for Children Carnival Frolic,” she said.

According to Griffith, Fuzion will be presenting the concept of the creation story from Genesis 1-7 as it is titled in the beginning.

She said there are different sections in the band and one of the sections is called, “Heaven on Earth”, and it seeks to target children 6 years and under.

Griffith pointed out that the group in currently in the process of doing everything possible to secure membership on the local Mas band association.

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