Chitan on EC$500, 000 Bail for Stealing

Alleged theft perpetrator - Elvin Chitan

Alleged theft perpetrator – Elvin Chitan

An elder with the Seventh Day Adventist Church has been picked up by police in connection with stealing nearly half-a-million from his former employers, Columbus Communication.

Two van loads of police officers swooped down at the home in Defoo, Springs of 39-year old Elvin Chitan, early last week Friday morning in connection with allegations that he stole approximately EC$465, 000 from his former place of employment.

Chitan was employed as an accountant at Columbus Communication for a number of years, and is accused of abusing his authority to steal monies from the company during the period January 1st 2010 – February 27th 2015.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the party of officers spent approximately 45 minutes inside the house apparently looking for documents.

When the officers emerged, they came out with a box allegedly containing documents that might be able to help them with their investigations.

Police investigators slapped Chitan with three indictable offences – stealing by reason of employment, falsification of documents and money laundering.

The suspect appeared in court on Monday and was granted bail in the sum of EC$500, 000 with three sureties.

The accused is being represented by Attorney-at-Law, Peter David, who was successful in his bail application at the St George’s Magistrate Court Number One.

Chief Magistrate, Tamara Gill as part of the bail conditions set, ordered Chitan to surrender all his travel documents and to report to the Central Police Station on the Carenage every Monday and Friday between the hours of 6.00a.m and 6.00pm.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Chitan is a prominent elder at the Springs  Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Several church members showed support for him by turning up at Monday’s court hearing.

Chitan’s wife is currently employed at the Grenada Supreme Court Registry.

Information reaching THE NEW TODAY indicate that the accused is the holder of about five different banking accounts containing more than EC$200, 000 each.

Although the three charges have already been brought against Chitan, the Police Prosecution indicated to the court that the investigations are still ongoing and the possibility exist that more charges could be laid against him.

Chitan is due to reappear before the Chief Magistrate on July 14th.

The suspect reportedly told close associates that he had left the work at Columbus Communications.

Chitan is believed to have found new employment at a hardware store in the Woodlands area of St. George’s.

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