The Trinidad & Tobago-based Medical Associates Hospital has expressed a willingness to improve the health care situation in Grenada with the use of advanced medical services.

The private hospital has 50 plus medical specialists, 50 beds and 35 years experience in providing quality health care.

A look at Medical Associates Hospital located in St Joseph’s, Trinidad

A look at Medical Associates Hospital located in St Joseph’s, Trinidad

A number of representatives from the hospital visited Grenada recently to engage in some preliminary work and conducted an interview with The New Today newspaper.

According to Vice President in the office of the Medical Director at the hospital, Karen Hinds, the hospital is mainly looking towards public/private collaborations.

“I want to emphasise the private component of it. Within these few days that we have been here, we’ve actually met with people within the both sectors and we’re hoping that when we return to Trinidad we can first put together something that would be good enough,” she said.

Hinds stated that the main objective of the medical outfit is to provide good health care for the people of Grenada.

Coordinator of the Executive Suite at the hospital, Irma Rattansingh said that Medical Associates is committed to helping Grenadians get better health care.

“We do have a lot of Grenadian patients coming to Trinidad especially for our pre-screening packages and pre-screening meaning there are packages that will help you. When you finish those testing, you may encounter issues for example High Cholesterol, or if you’re a diabetic you may find it during that testing – that it will now prepare you to take further action to help prevent it from going further,” she added.

“We really want to encourage not just our country but our sister countries, all these islands to (get) better health care because once you do that you find the environment would be different, you encourage health, you encourage a clean mind,” she said.

Although the services of the hospital will be available through collaborations, VP Hinds said it is hopeful that it will be an ongoing thing.

“We would like for it to be ongoing, meaning that… it’s like we’re coming in here to try and understand what you need and then going forward now… I do believe Grenada and Trinidad have shared a very, very long relationship both on the social level and both on the economic level,” she remarked.

Hinds sought to give assurances that the services to be provided will
be made available to everyone at an affordable cost, but was unable to give an estimated cost since the fees will be decided by the Director of the Hospital.

“When we go back in, we will discuss with our Medical Director what we have found and he in turn will have a meeting with the Board of Directors. Our proposal to him is really definitely collaboration and ensuring that we can have affordable cost,” she said.

The services to be provided range from Oncology to Caribbean Advanced Laparascopic Surgical Service (CALSS).

Under CALSS, the hospital offers Bariatric service, a weight loss programme done through a minor surgery.

In addition, free on-phone consultations are available to Grenadians until the end of June for the service.

The health facility also provides Outpatients’ clinics, Laboratories, Cardiac laboratory, X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT, MRI imaging and an ICU facility.

It has four operating rooms for general as well as microscopic surgeries, laparoscopy, arthroscopy, laser ophthalmic surgery and endoscopy.

The hospital promotes a Woman Wellness Package that focuses on Breast Ultra Sound, Abdomen & Pelvic Ultra Sound, Urine Microscopy, and Pap Smears among others.

The medical facility also works in collaboration with other medical professionals including radiation oncologists, specialist doctors, nurses, lab technicians & dieticians.

Among the services offered are consultation with specialty in Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Haematology, Palliative Medicine, Infusion Suite for chemotherapy, Consultation and Medical Care for adults with blood disorder, Diagnostic tests including bone marrow biopsy and Symptom management.

Medical Associates also offer to the public a programme in weight Loss, Gall Bladder Removal, Colon Cancer Resection, Hernia Repair, Appendectomy and others.

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