Keeping an Eye on the People’s Business

The Silver Sands Resort:

Citizens in Defence of Grenada’s Lands and Heritage considers itself
duty-bound to place on record its disgust and grief at the reckless action currently taking place in the Silver Sands location of Grand
Anse beach in the name of progress, tourism development and a 5-star resort CONTRARY to the explicit recommendations of the 1997 Master Tourism Plan.

Since 2008, when another group, announced its plans for Park Residence, Citizens has been bringing this matter to the attention of we the people.

The 1997 Master Plan noted that beach resort tourism had the most negative impact on the environment through: The development of tourism infrastructure Visitor use of resources:

– High freshwater consumption

– Damage to coastal resources

The 1997 Tourism Master Plan discouraged any further resort
development on Grand Anse Beach, advising that “Further accommodation development in the Grand Anse area should be RESTRICTED to planned extensions to EXISTING properties, and all major NEW developments should be sited away in locations away from the Grand Anse Beach.

Recognizing the important role of that area that has been recently mowed down, destroying all the magnificent flamboyant trees, the 1997 Tourism Master Plan recommended that  “The marshland area south of the abandoned Silver Sands hotel should remain undisturbed as this area helps to retain and filter flood water.”

This means that the swampy area holds and cleans the flood water before it gets to the sea helping to protect water quality for sea bathers in the area.  Further it protects the coast from hurricane damage and storm surges.  Whoever can forget the 1999 storm surges of Hurricane Lennie?

Citizens ALERTS other property holders in the vicinity of this “development”  particularly those on the beach side to watch out.  Do not be surprised if moves are made by the agents of the billionaire to DISPLACE you.  Do not be surprised if you and your property are considered out of place and not in keeping  with what should be the environment of a 5-star resort.  So start thinking about YOUR RESPONSE.

Camerhogne Park and the Riviera 5-start Resort:

Will the Riviera 5-star resort soon begin?  This will signal that Camerhogne Park, the people’s property WILL BE UNDER THREAT.  Note that since September 2014.the two tourist vendors who operated booths in the area were not permitted to continue their operations. While they will now be required to pay annual stamp tax of three to five percent of their gross receipts, there will be a VAT suspension regime in place for the billionaire investor.  There will be exemptions and allowances galore!

We the people should remember that a commitment was NOT GIVEN to protect Camerhogne Park.  In 2013, both the Member of Parliament for South St. George and the then Senator responsible for Implementation talked around the issue, advising that there were no plans to sell Camehogne Park, but if an investor come up with a good idea, it would be considered.

We the people should take note and ask whether or not Camerhogne Park is already signed for and sealed, waiting to be delivered. And we should also ask ourselves whether or not we are prepared to stand idly by and allow that to happen?

Lagoon Park:

Citizens has been reliably informed that the  “occupiers” of Lagoon Park have been relocated.  We hope for their sake and ours that the new locations are an improvement. Does this action signal to we the people that we must be on the look out for  “development” on the Lagoon Park.    Is this development going to be financed by sale of we the people’s passports and citizenships.

The following website  caught our attention –

A Mr. James Bowling at Monarch & Co with offices in South Africa and West Africa is advertising  – Citizenship by investment through Port Louis Marina development.

We have not given up our quest for answers re the Original Deed of Release of October 5th, 2006 which is supposed to have facilitated the transfer of the people’s property for EC$1.00 to Ambassador Peter De Savary’s Port Louis but was not recorded in the country’s Deeds and Lands Registry?

How is it that Camper and Nicholson can lay claim to the Lagoon Park area and a significant national asset the Lagoon is under the control of the Company, mortgaged to the Bank of Nova Scotia for the Company’s US$15 million dollar loan and for which  the rent is dependent upon the square footage brought into use.  So the Company holds 50,000 sq.m.  of the people’s property, pays rent of ten cents per square metre of lettable berth area and charges USD2,000 per square metres for berth rental, does not pay for the unused portion.

As we the people feel the impact of the IMF measures, Citizens notes that we the people are beginning to mind our business. Citizens congratulates we the people and urges everyone to “mind our business” and to be vigilant in the protection of OUR PROPERTY.

(The above reflects the views of Citizens in Defence of Grenada’s Lands And Heritage)

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