Boogie-B brings “Peter Doh Wait” for 2015 carnival

Soca artiste Boggie B launches a new song

Soca artiste Boggie B launches a new song

Former Soca Monarch, Marvin “Boogie-B” Peters is hoping to capture the interest of his fans with his latest song “Peter Doh Wait.”

According to the artiste, the song captures the very thing that he is known for and what his fans has been asking for – an up tempo tune.

“Peter Doh Wait” is a song piggy backing on a top calypso sung by top Trinidad performer, Black Stalin who did “Peter wait.”

Boogie B says that although his composition doesn’t follow the same story line as the one from Stalin, it gives the same groove as the one from the neighbouring island.

In an interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper, the former soca monarch winner gave an insight into the song.

“I didn’t go into Black Stalin’s lyrics but it’s basically the concept of saying, “Peter doh wait, you’ve been waiting too long”.

It’s basically a sort of a fire song because it’s sort of my style of doing fire music and stuff and it’s a while I didn’t do that,” he said.

Boogie B is hopeful that no one will take offence with the composition since it is just a song to remind people of who he really is as an artiste.

“It’s not targeted at anyone at all.  It’s a fire song in general (focusing) basically (on) things that go on in the Carnival and I hope no one takes it personal because it is not directed to nobody …. it’s just vibes, Grenada has this kind of thing in the mas where people like the rival and they like certain excitement”, he said.

“People know me as an artiste for my lyrical style. There is more creativity (in the song), it’s a jump up song, is a modern day song, it’s not a calypso flavour where you sit and listen. At the end of the day you still pumping, you still jumping, you still playing a mas,” he

According to the Soca artiste, his main focus this year is not on entering competition but to aim to make it onto the international stage.

“Soca monarch (competition) is not really my main target right now…”, he said, adding that, “Soca Monarch is the climax of what we
as soca artistes look for”.

“I was fortunate at an early time in my career to win a Soca Monarch
and road march which even if I win 10 more, it doesn’t really make a
difference. It will make a difference financially but a crown is a crown at the end of the day,” he remarked.

Boogie B stated that he was concentrating on meeting certain standards in the music industry and as such was aiming to mixing up his songs.

“I have a jab song. It’s a different vibe, it’s different …. I kind of soften up a bit and meet the people a little more so that we can play a mas together. The fire is what is used to really express my feel on certain things and you know bringing certain things (out) and
(to) express myself,” he remarked.

Grenada’s premier cultural event, the annual carnival celebrations will be held in another three months.

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