GRENLEC testing street lights

Customers Responding to LED Street Lighting Survey

Customers Responding to LED Street Lighting Survey

Grenlec and Government are piloting the use of energy-efficient LED street lighting in select public street locations throughout Grenada to evaluate the economic, safety and environmental benefits of this advanced lighting technology.

A company release said that LED street lighting has proven to be more energy-efficient, durable, longer-lasting and brighter than conventional street lighting, which could provide significant savings of up to 50% in energy and maintenance costs, as well as increased public security.

In addition, LED lighting cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to a healthier environment and a “greener” Grenada.

Since not all LED lighting is the same and performance varies by manufacturer and product type, Grenlec will be comparing three LED manufacturer lighting products against the existing high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting at a variety of locations.

Currently pilot projects are taking place on the Maurice Bishop High Way – Airport to SSU, Maurice Bishop Highway – Sugar Mill Roundabout to True Blue Roundabout, True Blue – Dusty H/way intersection to Yacht road junction Quinn Co, Port High Way, Tanteen – Yacht Club to Burns Point, Carmerhogne Park – main entrance to Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge – Wall Street Roundabout to Spice Inn,Victoria Street, Grenville, and Gouyave – Main street to Fish Market.

Grenlec is also conducting a survey to gain customer observations and preferences between the three types of LED street lighting being tested.

The LED Street Light Pilot Project will run through May 26, providing time to collect technical performance data and customer survey information for assessing the LED street light options.

“Further evaluations and results of this pilot will determine the economic feasibility and schedule for future LED street light installations in Grenada”, the release said.

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