Gilbert gets 30-year sentence for murder

Forty-eight year-old truck driver Isaac Gilbert, who was charged for the brutal murder of his thirty-three year-old girlfriend, Marsha Cherman of Paradise, St. Andrew was last Tuesday sentenced to 30 years at Her Majesty’s Prison and order to undergo anger management counseling for the crime committed.

The community of Pearls in St. Andrew went into a deep state of shock when the news of Cherman’s death broke just after twelve on the morning of Tuesday, July 31, 2012 in what was regarded as a “crime of passion”.

The body of the mother of three was recovered just outside her Pearl’s residence lying on her stomach underneath a blue tarpaulin bearing multiple chop wounds that were visible on the left side of her head, neck and both hands.

A post-mortem revealed that she died from hypovolemic shock due to multiple lacerations to the body.

Gilbert, who was represented by the law firm of G. W. Prime & Co., was forty-five years old, at the time of the incident. He pleaded guilty to the gruesome killing before the St George’s High Court on January 30, 2015.

This newspaper understands that Gilbert and the deceased were living
together and making plans to get married prior to the dreadful killing, which stemmed from the suspicion on the part of the accused that his future wife was being disloyal.

It was also reported by residents in the area that the couple were experiencing domestic problems for a period of time and that Gilbert also accused Cherman who was a domestic worker of bringing a man to attack him.

At last Tuesday’s sentencing hearing, it was  revealed in court that the deceased was also subjected to a series of verbal and physical abuse from Gilbert, which led to her spending up to two nights at the Princess Alice Hospital for wounds inflicted on her.

Without dismissing the seriousness of the offense, Attorney Prime begged the court for leniency for his client and referred to the mitigating factors, those being the fact that Gilbert admitted to guilt right away, his guilty plea at the High Court trial, and his expression of remorse for what he did.

Prime told the judge that the murder has resulted in a lot of consequences for both families, and  that his client has not been allowed to see his children since the tragic events.

In handing down sentence, the Presiding Judge, Madam Justice Price-Findlay, who viewed the pictures of the wounds inflicted on the body of the deceased described Gilbert’s act as “one of the most horrific crimes” she has ever seen in her years.

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