“Scrunter” Battered To Death!!!

A 15-year old schoolboy is presently in police custody in connection with the murder Tuesday of Martin “Scrunter” Lett in the small village of Stuart Cottage in Windsor Forest, St. David’s.

The body of Martin Lett being taken away by the undertakers

The body of Martin Lett being taken away by the undertakers

The youngster who became the prime suspect after the killing was picked up later in the night when he returned home from his hideout after the incident.

A well-placed source told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that the schoolboy whose name cannot be revealed due to his age, has already “confessed” to members of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to killing the physically challenged Lett.

This newspaper understands that the body which was covered in a pool of bloody was discovered at about 11.30 a.m by a fellow villager who was going on an errand.

According to well-placed sources the person who made the discovery then alerted fellow villagers who rushed to the scene to see what had happened to Scrunter.

Several of the villagers who spoke to this newspaper said that the deceased who had developed a disability in recent years would often be seen at around 10.00 every morning walking from his home to a nearby shop to charge his cellphone and watch movies.

It is understood that the person who made the discovery saw blood coming out of the front door of the downstairs of the building where the deceased was living alone.

The upstairs was mostly vacant as Scrunter’s father who owned the property was hardly at home since he was mostly living in the countryside and would pay visits to the house off and on.

A villager who spoke on condition that he was not identified said he heard that the person who was first on the crime scene called for help on becoming suspicious that something was wrong and that a neighbour soon responded.
“I understand that the neighbour thought that it was a joke and he (the person who made the discovery) told him it was not and asked him to accompany him back to where Scrunter was living”, he said.

They reportedly went back to the house and peeped through a door space and saw the deceased lying on the ground in a pool of blood with one concrete brick resting on top of his head.

The police were notified and reportedly took about one hour to arrive on the scene.

Sources told this newspaper that a day or two before the killing, the deceased had filed a report with the St. David’s Police Station in which he accused the teenager of entering his home illegally and removing a number of items including a cellphone charger.

A female resident of the area said that the grand-mother of the 15-year old spoke to him very sternly about the removal of the items from the home of the disabled man and warned him not to go back to the house.

It looks to us like he was in rage after the grandmother speak to him so he went down there and killed the man”, she added.

Several residents in Windsor Forest have branded the schoolboy as “very troubled and haunted” and one who was forced to find food to eat on a daily basis from since an early age due to poverty in the family.

“I know him a long time now and he was a boy who had to rake and scrape to get things to eat for his breakfast every morning”, said one villager.

“He hardly used to go to school and if I see him I will ask him why he is not going to school and he would say that he did not eat anything for the morning and did not have any money to pay the bus”, she added.

Several residents reported that the troubled youngster was arrested by police on Independence Day (February 7) and charged with the rape of a 5-year old girl in the village.

The 15-year old is also accused of committing several acts of house-breaking and stealing at the homes of villagers in recent times.

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