Andall: NNP creating an atmosphere of fear

Deputy Political Leader of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Joseph Andall has accused the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell of trying to rule the country by instilling fear in Grenadians.

In an exclusive interview with the New Today Newspaper, Andall spoke out against the notion of a party having political power but should not be using it to instill fear on the population which they are elected to serve at the national level.

According to Andall, the NNP which enjoys a 15-0 majority in the Lower House after its massive victory in the 2013 general elections, has a mindset of creating a one party state, which is instilling much fear in the minds of many Grenadians.

He charged that Grenadians who are not NNP supporters are currently living in fear of not being recognised by the regime and made to feel a part of national development.

“You do not live in fear of being physically attacked but you live in fear of not being able to get a debushing job, of your daughter not getting into the IMANI programme, of you not getting a little contract work on a little concrete road, of you not being able to get two sheets of ply to repair your houses – everything is being done (on) a strictly partisan basis,” he said.

Andall stated that such an act on the part of the two year old regime should never be done in Grenada, and called on the Mitchell government to desist from such practice on the island.

‘You campaign as the New National Party, you are now the Government of Grenada and the resources of the country must be used for the benefit of all the people as limited as the resources may be”, he remarked.

It is too obvious, according to Andall, the fear and intimidation that is plaguing the people of Grenada.

“People are afraid to engage in political activity that is not emanating from the NNP because many people are afraid to attend a public meeting. People were hiding in Sauteurs the other night, hiding in alleys because they were afraid to be seen by NNP activists attending an NDC public meeting and we have to stand up against that,” he added.

“…This one party state that these guys are trying to implement, this is not a figment of anybody’s imagination. If you look at all of the actions that they have been taking since coming into power and especially that marriage with their new friends – everything points towards the total elimination of political opposition to the New National Party so that these guys can have a free ride to implement their workers paradise or whatever kind of state they have visualised for us,” he said.

Andall was fearful that if the NNP trend of creating fear in the country was allowed to continue, the time will come sooner rather than later when the people will decide that enough is enough.

Former NDC General Secretary, Peter David is now a card bearing member of the ruling party.

David along with another expelled Congress member, veteran trade unionist Chester Humphrey has been engaging the NNP under the platform banner of “Project Grenada” which is to be fully explained to the population.

In the aftermath of the NNP victory at the polls, David had floated the idea that Grenada needed a one party State for the next 15 years and for the NNP to be allowed to govern the island peacefully without any opposition.

During the 1979-83 Grenada Revolution under the marxist-oriented New Jewel Movement (NJM), David, now a qualified attorney-at-law, served as the Deputy Minister of State for Information in the left-leaning People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG).

The NJM had ruled the island with an iron fist, as the revolutionary leaders had imprisoned most opponents or forced some of them to live in exile including current Prime Minister Mitchell.

Grenada was returned to democratic rule of law on October 25, 1983 when U.S and Caribbean troops stormed the island to put down a group of military leaders headed by General Hudson Austin that had seized power in a bloody palace coup in which then marxist Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and three Cabinet Ministers were executed following bitter internal party feuding.

Austin along with several other officials including former deputy Prime Minister, Bernard Coard, the suspected mastermind of the plot to unseat Bishop, received lengthy prison sentences for the bloody events of October 1983 on Fort George which was then called Fort Rupert.

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