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The sky is the limit for GBCL Francis Taylor emphasised

The sky is the limit for GBCL Francis Taylor emphasised

The Grenada Bottling Company Limited (GBCL) will be fully utilising its state of the art plant to bring more essence to its household name since there are no longer doing business with Coca Cola.

After 55 years of working with the Coca Cola Company, the franchise has been taken from them with the explanation of restructuring within the region.

GBCL decided that with this change, which began on April 15, it was time for the company to be seen as original and to start putting its own products on the market.

The local brewing company hosted a media luncheon last week to update local reporters on the changes within the business.

The Bottling Company now has come up with two flag ship products – Swee’drink and Skweez brands.

It has launched nine flavours under its Swee’drink brand, which include Apple, Pineapple, Cola Champagne and Skweez, which only has two flavours, Lemon LIME and Grapefruit.

Managing Director of the bottling company, Frances Taylor is optimistic about the future of the new products.

“We look forward to you going into a shop and asking for a Skweez,” she quipped.

Taylor is very proud of their newest brand Caribbean Classic Cola that she said is widely accepted by the Grenadian public.

“At this point, I must say this, since we launched this product, less than 10 days ago, the response from our customers and cosumers has been overwhelming. We are a 100% owned Grenada Company and we are proud that we can face every challenge, conquer every challenge and as I say to everybody else, the sky is the limit for this company now,” she remarked.

One of the restrictions faced by GBCL under the Coca Cola brand is that the company could not secure any export markets for the products that they were bottling.

However, Taylor said they have now been able to acquire export possibilities for their new products.

“We would have products going to St Vincent, Antigua, St Kitts and most recently Barbados and we are finalising the details and getting the products out. Understand the importance of this to Grenada as a country, to the people of Grenada and to our staff members,” she added.

According to Taylor, the company will do box juices in the near future and to do this successfully a relationship with farmers will be developed.

“It’s a different system in that you need a Pasteurizer to do juices but we are ready and our engineers are already developing that. I can’t say it will be before the end of this year but I can imagine by next year we should be able to go into that market whether we can use the local juices,” she said.

The concentrate used to produce the GBCL products are being sourced regionally and internationally.

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