Tourism Minister speaks on product development

Tourism sites and tourism products will be developed as Grenada seeks to bring something new to the different tourists who will be visiting the island, according to Minister of Tourism, Yolande Bain-Horsford.

Addressing members and supporters of the ruling New National Party (NNP) at a public rally on Sunday night, the St. Andrew South-west Member of Parliament said that at a recent meeting held in Miami, the operators of cruise lines called on Grenada to refresh its products as they were expecting something new on their yearly visits.

The female government minister exhorted Grenadians to contribute to the year round beautification of the island.

“This in on you too, the people, it is on you to keep the country clean, it is on you to keep your communities clean, your products clean. When you visit your sites don’t litter, plant flowers, decorate your communities and be nice to the people who come to your shores – smile, give them a good word”, she said.

“Those of you on the airport, those of you on the (tourism) site, that’s what they want ….they want to feel the vibe from Grenada, they want to feel the love and what you have to offer and that’s what it is all about because they can get so many things in so many other islands,” she added.

Minister Bain-Horsford pointed to a 15.4% increase in cruise arrivals for 2015 and that Grenada is looking forward to bigger and better things in the new cruise ship season.

“We will be having one of our largest cruise ship that ever came into Grenada coming in November, the Britannia and you’re talking about 4 or 5 thousand people on the street at the same time. So you have to prepare. Vendors you have to get your act together and you have to start developing other little products that could enhance your sales because when you have all these people coming to your shores, you must have the things to sell for them,” she told party supporters.

The Tourism Minister said that the island’s government is looking at developing new sites to enhance visitor vacationing.

“We’re looking at new sites, you must have heard of Zip Lines. We have discovered a very important site but I wouldn’t tell you that, we are going to wait until we formally open that beautiful area.

“While in that meeting in Miami I can tell you that there are islands (that) didn’t have any sites or any products, no existing natural beauty and no developing man-made areas that people can come and enjoy but we have all of that, so we just have to improve and enhance on those sites.

“We have been visiting all the sites, we have been looking at the operations of the sites, how these sites are being operated. If people are doing what they have to do, we are making sure that the sites are safe,” she said.

In recent years, tourism has overtaken the key agriculture sector as the number one foreign exchange earner for the island and the provider of the bulk of jobs for locals.

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