GRENLEC supports Grenada National Trust Project

A total of $5000 was given to the Grenada National Trust (GNT) that will go towards the building of a website geared at developing the community and economy in Grenada.

The cheque was handed over by GRENLEC during an official handing over ceremony recently.

Human Resource Manager of GRENLEC Jacqueline Williams hands over cheque to President of Grenada National Trust, Darryl Brathwaite

Human Resource Manager of GRENLEC Jacqueline Williams hands over cheque to President of Grenada National Trust, Darryl Brathwaite

The Grenada National Trust recently signed an agreement with the Organisation of American States (OAS) to do the pilot project.

GNT President, Darryl Brathwaite described the initiative to be undertaken as “a job creation project” and that an important stage of the project is the development of a website where the progress of the project will be recorded and made available to the public.

“The first stage of the project is to train photo journalists who will go into the rural parts of Grenada and interview people and find out what is of importance to people and how they see Grenada in the next couple of years and near future, what they think is of value and what they think should be job creation opportunity,” he said.

“…Once we record these interviews they will be uploaded to the website and the website has to be of a sufficient caliber to enable individuals to upload their own data and then we review what is being uploaded and then we share that with the media and especially Grenadians away can log on to the website and see what’s happening,” he added.

According to Brathwaite, it is hoped that at the end of the two year project ten (10) new businesses will be on stream to produce products that were previously below the radar, not sufficiently developed or not sufficiently well advertised.

“We want to (en)sure the progress of where those businesses are now and where they will be in two years time. At the end of this project those businesses should be in a position where a bank will be happy to have them as a customer and happy to help them as an expansion programme”, he remarked.

“…We would choose businesses that obviously need some help but don’t need too much so that there is (not) a high chance of failure. We want to showcase this to the rest of the Caribbean,” he said.

The GNT official assured residents that they should not experience much difficulty in identifying the interviewers to be sent to meet with them.

“Our interviewers, they will all have identification cards and cameras and recording equipment to interview people and this of course will be their opportunity to have their story told, they will get credit for the contributions they make”, he said.

“…We want to maintain the heritage in this way, so if there are stories your grandmother used to tell you we want to hear those. She might tell you what used to happen in a particular place or there might be a particular spot of interest that we no longer realise the importance of,” he added.

Brathwaite is hopeful that this venture will contribute to the development of tourism in the country.

“What we hope to do with the camera is to accurately record each location that the information we get, where that location is so that the tourist now with their smartphones can drive around and see on Google Maps exactly what is available in every village, where to go, where the shops are, where the place of interest are,” he said.

Areas of focus will be St George’s North-west, St. George North-east, Clozier in St. John and the sister isle of Carriacou.

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