Disgruntled NNP supporter speaks out

New Hampshire resident, John Regis is hopping mad with the ruling New National Party (NNP) government of Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell over a contract that was allegedly given to him and then taken away and handed to someone else.

John Regis

John Regis

Regis who claims to be a long time supporter of the party walked into the office of THE NEW TODAY newspaper to express his disgust over the withdrawal of the contract in the St. George North-east Constituency held by Tobias Clement.

He threatened to withdraw his support from the party and accused some officials of the regime of misleading him.

“If they lose me, they lose someone very important. I’m an important guy to the NNP, everybody in Grenada know me. I am behind NNP… I have a very good crowd behind me. I used my bus for free to bring people to register to go to vote and if they continue like that they’re going to lose out,” he said.

Regis who said he is a contractor by profession felt undone since the contract  work that had been promised to him by the NNP administration was signed off for him before someone took it away.

He claimed that the contract was signed and bill heads were done up all in preparation to start the construction of a Box drain and drive way at Diaga Road in New Hampshire but he was then tricked out of the job.

“They lie a lot. I have this contract I signed since on the 21st of November, which was last year, and they have me running from there to there. They have me running to get bill heads from all different hardware (stores) to start the work. Every time I went they tell me next week until now this morning (April 15th), somebody else come and starts the contract after my hard effort,” he said.

“They told me that there is a mistake on the first one that was signed so they want to start a new one (and) when I come I will be getting a next one to sign. So they give me this one at this time, which Mr (name withheld) signed and now I see somebody else doing it,” he added.

According to Regis, when he asked the person in charge of the office the reason someone else is doing the work, he was told that he already has a job.

“They tell me that they understand I’m working already. When they approach me the first time I wasn’t really working, I do sub-contracting, when I get it, I do it. I was waiting on this thing (contract) because I had plans for this thing (money). I have (so) much people waiting on me to start the same work and it’s like I get turn down; they give somebody else my work”, he told this newspaper.

“…I contacted many people (for work on the project) because I wanted to do it in a fast time, that’s the reason why I tried my best to contact my good guys who usually work with me – until this morning  – I was so disappointed,” he said.

According to Regis, he does  not have a permanent job and he was really depending on the government job to help him out financially.

“Presently it set me back because I have a lot of things to do. I have my children to go to school, I have my bus, which is down. So I said when I get that little work I will try my best to get my bus going so it could help out my family and me. I have to do some repairs on my little house, I dream about this work, until now I get turned down,” he remarked.

An angry Regis indicated that the contract in question amounted to

This newspaper was not able to get in contact with MP Clement for comment on the issue.

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