Aneka gets eight-and-a half years in prison

Anika Charles - sentenced to prison for the death of her sister

Anika Charles – sentenced to prison for the death of her sister

A prison sentence of eight and a half years was handed down on 20 year old Aneka Charles who appeared in court on Wednesday morning to know her fate in connection with the death of her younger sister in 2011.

The ruling was handed down by Madam Justice Margaret Price-Findlay at High Court No. 1 in the presence of her Legal Representative, Derek Sylvester and family members.

Charles had earlier spent time on remand at the Richmond Hill Prison for the death of the youngster and twelve months will be deducted from the eight and a half year sentence.

Also, as part of the sentence, Charles will have to do some Community Service specifically speak to students of the Programme for Adolescent Mothers (PAM) and Forms 4 and 5 students at a selected secondary school.

The ruling from Justice Price-Findlay would see the 20-year old serve an additional two years in prison if she fails to comply with the court order.

Upon release, Charles, now the mother of a toddler will be placed on a Bond of $20, 000.00 with two sureties to keep the peace for three years.
She was found guilty in February, 2015 for the 2011 murder of her three year old sister, Sharian Charles.

The three-year old child was reported missing and a search of the area discovered her body in some bushes close to their home.

The toddler was found with her clothes wet and froth coming from her nostrils and mouth.

She was pronounced dead by Dr. Gail Friday and a post-mortem concluded that she died from asphyxiation.

Police reports suggested that the elder sister was the victim of abuse within the family home and took out her rage on the younger sister who was fathered by another man.

Charles was 17 at the time of the murder and a student of St Joseph’s Convent, St George’s.

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