by Francis Urias Peters

The premier performance of Francis Urias Peters’ new play, NO MONEY NO LOVE, will take place in St. Andrew opening at the Deluxe Cinema on April 25, 2015.

Urias PetersThis is the first time in three decades that this has ever happened where the launch of any of Peters’ works has ever occurred in the big parish.

It’s another historic event, following on the heels of the recently concluded Intercol games which was also held in St. Andrew for the first time.

NO MONEY NO LOVE tells the story of a young song-writer, Jason, (played by Anfernee Ettienne) who has aspirations of becoming an international mega star in the music arena. However, his obsessive behaviour creates a difficult situation for his sweetheart, Julia, (played by Nealla Tanisha Frederick and Leyanna Romain) who now has to saddle the responsible of paying “the bills”.

It is this very development that sparks off the conflict and unpredictable crises and complications, leading to a most surprising and unexpected climax and conclusion.

UriasThis play was created with a wonderful balance of humour, drama and suspense. It’s a love story; yet still it’s a story about human survival; it’s a story about “the artiste”, it’s a story that speaks to human dignity and survival in a challenging and tough economic climate. It’s a Grenadian story; it’s a Caribbean story.

Peters’ himself will be playing the role of Sam, a rich, mean, perverted old man who is predisposed to having things his way at all times. Kathy Ann Bonarparte and Kathy Ann James play the role of Miss Browne, the nosy next door neighbour. The production will run for two weekends at the Deluxe Cinema on Saturday, April 25 (8:00 pm) Sunday 26, (6:00 pm) Saturday, May 2, Sunday May 3.

From the Deluxe Cinema the production moves to Spice Basket on Saturday, May 9 for one performance, commencing at 8:00 p.m.

Tickets for the production can be purchased at all Gittens pharmacies and Ramdhanny’s in Grenville.

For further information call 440 2218, 405 5426, 414 2242 or 449 1353.

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