John freed of drug charges but not Nigel Murray

A 42-year-old businessman, Nigel Murray has been remanded to Her Majesty’s prison at Richmond Hill after a St. George’s High Court found him guilty last week Thursday in relation to a number of drug-related charges.

The other accused –  Murrell John was found not guilty of the offences brought against them by the State.

Both Murray and John were charged by police with possession of a controlled drug and trafficking in a controlled drug in a matter dating back to 2009.

The case centered around 208 pounds of marijuana that was confiscated by the police from a vehicle driven by Murray somewhere in the vicinity of the Grand Mal Fish Market jetty area.

An eight-member jury found Murray guilty of the offence in the trial that was presided over by Justice Margaret Price-Findlay.

During the trial, the Police Prosecution revealed that the confiscated packages found in Murray’s vehicle came on to the mainland via a boat from Carriacou.

Both men denied having any knowledge of the illegal substance and Murray attempted to convince the judge and jury that he is an innocent man.

His attempt failed and Murray is now behind bars awaiting sentencing carded for May 14 at High Court Number Two.

Murray claims that he is the owner of a 12-year-old company registered with the Grenada Supreme Court Registry as N&M Enterprises and which makes “approximately EC$10, 000 to 12, 000 in sales a day”.

He told the court under oath that he thought he was collecting “whiskey and cigarettes” and had no knowledge that the goods coming into the country must be brought in through Customs.

In an interview with THE NEW TODAY newspaper Tuesday, Murray’s legal counsel, Attorney-at-Law Anslem Clouden said his client did not receive a fair trial and plans are already in the making to appeal the conviction as the trial has revealed that “the evidence was short of 73 pounds” in the weight.

“We are looking at the possibility of appealing the conviction… having regards to the fact that there was an allegation of tampering with the exhibits and we are not sure that the exhibits that were brought to the Chemist were the same that were confiscated from Murray,” he remarked.

“We think we have good grounds of appeal…we expect the Court of Appeal to either order a re trial or to squash the conviction.” Clouden added.

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