Carriacou Port to be relocated to Harvey Vale

A major change is taking place on the sister isle of Carriacou as Tyrell Bay in Harvey Vale will replace Hillsborough as the main point of entry for boats coming to the island.

This was disclosed to reporters at the weekly post-Cabinet press briefing by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Carriacou & Petite Martinique Affairs, Elvin Nimrod.

He said the month of April will see the construction of the new Port at Tyrell Bay as the one at Hillsborough has been deemed unfit to serve the public and as such all related activities will be shifted to the new port.

According to Minister Nimrod, this decision was taken by Cabinet with the best interest of the people in mind.

“The Jetty (at Hillsborough) itself has been determined to be a danger, it’s a time bomb, an accident waiting to happen…”, he said.

He added that Government with “its usual sense of obligation, decided that they have to take steps necessary and appropriate to ensure the safety of the people of Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique”.

Minister Nimrod pointed out that a number of facilities are already in place at Harvey Vale including a Marina that is nearing completion which he described as “a very promising project that will provide jobs and other opportunities for our people”.

“And so with the combination of the Marina and the jetty down there, you know things will be booming commercially and otherwise, a lot of employment will be provided but most of all the safety and security of the people would be secured,” he remarked.

“We are very close to having all this structures, the Custom houses and all these other houses, warehouses would be very shortly constructed,” he said.

The Number Two man in the two year old ruling New National Party (NNP) administration stated that the shift from Hillsborough to Harvey Vale would make visitor landing from the daily Osprey shuttle much easier for passengers.

“There are concerns about the availability of (facilities for) persons to board the Osprey when it comes because there are no proper arrangements. People would have to climb especially women have to climb up (on the vessel) and jump down – that will no longer be, because the Osprey will now be berthing in the new Port in Harvey Vale and there will be facilities built specifically to ease any difficulty,” he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister reassured the people of Hillsborough that the city would not lose its edge for business activities due to the relocation of the Jetty.

“There is no need to feel that Hillsborough would lose any of its potency or any of its activities because there are specific programmes and projects that would be designed to keep Hillsborough a buzzing town as it is right now”, he said.

Most of the government offices including the building housing the Ministry of Carriacou & Petite Martinique Affairs are located in Hillsborough.

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