Woman Shot in St. Paul’s

An argument over $200.00 allegedly owed in the trade of an illegal item has left one woman nursing gun shot wounds at the General Hospital following a shooting incident Friday night at a parlour on the Greens in St. Paul’s, St. George.

The “Wanted Man” Arthur Braveboy as he was escorted to court on Tuesday

The “Wanted Man” Arthur Braveboy as he was escorted to court on Tuesday

The injured person, Marcelle Francis was not the intended victim but was shot three times on the upper part of the body from bullets allegedly fired from a gun by 32-year old Arthur Braveboy of Woolwich Road, St. George.

Doctors had cleared the injured woman to be released from hospital late Tuesday.

Underworld sources told THE NEW TODAY newspaper that Braveboy visited the parlour to seek out an individual who allegedly owed him a sum of money in the illegal business.

A well-placed source said that prior to the incident a few underworld figures had tried to talk the suspect out of carrying out a threat to deal with the man and even promised to pay him the outstanding $200.00.

Braveboy allegedly caught up with the man at the Parlour and discharged his illegal firearm, missing the intended party but the shots struck Marcelle who runs the small business.

The suspect who was on the run from police since the incident eventually surrendered and was slapped with four charges in relation to the incident.

Braveboy was charged with attempt to commit Non-Capital Murder with the intention of causing bodily harm to Hondell Andall, unintentionally causing bodily harm to Marcelle Francis, Possession of Firearm and Possession of Ammunition.

The 32-year old accused made his first court appearance on Tuesday before Magistrate Tamera Gill at the Number One Magistrate Court on the island where the four charges were officially read to him.

This newspaper understands that the arrested man is currently on bail for a similar offence.

Just over a year ago, police took Braveboy into custody when he allegedly fired a shot at another man outside Central Police Station on the Carenage.

Police prosecutors rejected a request made by attorney-at-law, Peter David for bail to be granted to his client on the grounds that he has a number of pending matters before the court and it seems as if he commits a crime every time he is out on bail.

According to the prosecution, Braveboy has 19 previous offences, some of which include assault, causing dangerous harm and wounding.

The court was also told by law enforcement officers that after his appearance before the Magistrate, it is likely that Braveboy would be charged in connection with another incident.

Magistrate Gill denied bail and remanded the accused to the Richmond Hill prison until April 14. when he is due to return to the court in connection with the matter.

When Braveboy was being led into court by police, he was seen shouting to one Hondel Andall, “Dey you go stay and point your hand”.

Before the matter was adjourned, attorney David asked the Magistrate to tell Andall who was inside the court to stop threatening his client.

David told the Magistrate that Andall indicated to his client that he “was going to get it”.

An eyewitness outside the court reported seeing Andall put up his hand in the air and made a gesture as if he was going to shoot someone, and then uttered the following words: “You are going to get it”.

Andall who was by then seated inside the court rose to offer an explanation to the Chief Magistrate on what had transpired outside the court with Braveboy.

He told the Magistrate that he did put up his hand in the air but did not tell the accused that he will get it and denied threatening him.

“So you really tried to shoot me”, Andall said he shouted at the accused as he was being led into court by a police escort.

Attorney David became rather agitated and had to be restrained by the Chief Magistrate who informed him that he was behaving inappropriately.

He denied doing so and told the Chief Magistrate that he cannot allow Andall to threaten his client.

The police reported recovering one .38 pistol and 3 rounds of ammunition for the gun from the accused.

The Prosecutors informed the court that the lawmen were on the look out for another gun allegedly in possession of the suspect.

According to some of the major players in the Underworld of Crime on the island, Braveboy is normally a quiet and reserved person but becomes uncontrollable whenever he drinks alcohol.

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