NAWASA launches three initiatives for World Water Day

The island’s sole water utility, the National Water and Sewage Authority (NAWASA) last Thursday launched activities to observe World Water Day with three initiatives, two which are intended to make a difference.

NAWASA and its stakeholders host press conference on World Water Day

NAWASA and its stakeholders host press conference on World Water Day

The 22nd World Water Day is being celebrated under the theme: “Water and Sustainable Development” and will target the nation’s schools.

NAWASA’s activities for World Water Day will target the nation’s schools and Communications Officer, Jamila Lewis said the newest and most unique activity that the authority will be introducing is NAWASA Water Warz.

“It’s designed to test the schools on their knowledge of the water industry. We’re going to focus on climate change; we’re going to focus on the history of NAWASA, its operations. We’re going to focus on Water Management Conservation and Water Sustainability”, she said.

“…At every level of competition there will be cash. Every school that participates in this competition even if they just reach the preliminary round of the competition will go home with money… if they move on to the semi-final round they get the money from the preliminary round and whatever money they get at the semi-final round, (if) they move on (into) the finals all the money that they would have accumulated from all the rounds, they will go home with it,” she added.

Lewis announced that NAWASA is collaborating with the Rotary Club of Grenada East and other organisations to ensure that all schools throughout the island have a water storage facility.

“Over the past years we have seen even with the challenges of the rainy and the dry season for whatever reason our nation’s schools have had to close their doors because there is no water and we’re saying that after September this year, this will be a thing of the past”, she said.

“…NAWASA will be working with a number of stakeholders between March to September to ensure that by September of 2015 all schools in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique have a water storage facility…”, she added.

As part of the planned activities for World Water Day, NAWASA will be introducing a 30-45 Jingle competition for Pre-Primary and Primary Schools where students have to sing on two categories – water storage and rain water harvesting.

General Manager of NAWASA, Christopher Husbands expressed appreciation to those organisations for taking part in the planned activities.

According to Husbands, the water sector will continue to always have challenges and agreed that, “we can’t deal with everything at one time so year after year we just have to deal with things as funding and as resources become available”.

Education Officer for District Four, Merryl Lord who spoke on behalf of the Ministry of Education, praised NAWASA for their efforts.

“The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development applauds NAWASA in its initiative to allocate this valuable resource in such a way that it is of benefit to all Grenadians including the environment, giving all an adequate share without making any one group worst of both now and in the future,” she said.

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