Amanda Bruno ‘Takes Her Life’

Amanda Bruno – allegedly took her life

Amanda Bruno – allegedly took her life

Two children – three and five year old – are left motherless as 30-year-old Amanda Bruno of Grand Anse, St George allegedly ended her life last Thursday by drinking a poisonous substance.

THE NEW TODAY understands that Bruno was found by her 5-year-old son faced down on a bed at their home along with a written letter believed to be a “suicide note”.

Bruno was an employee of a popular business place on the Carenage.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is said to be still trying to figure out the reason for Bruno’s decision to end her life.

A well-placed source, told this newspaper that if the police begin to have doubts on the Bruno matter then a full investigation will be launched to get at the bottom of it but at the moment all evidence seem to suggest that it was death by suicide.

When contacted, an employee at her work place declined to comment on reports circulating in the country that the young woman was the subject of some financial irregularities at the business place.

The distraught employee, however, said that Bruno had found herself in a very unfortunate situation since the father of her two children was not providing financial assistance for the young ones.

He spoke of the mother taking the father, a former co-worker of hers, to court where a Magistrate ordered him to give a certain sum of money each month in child support.

According to the employee, the father was often in violation of the Court Order and compounded the situation by proceeding to father several other children with other ladies and he allegedly also did not give any financial support to them.

Bruno’s death is the second suicide for 2015.

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