Grenada Next Top Model – Pre show

On Saturday 14th, Grenada Next Top Model contestants had their first workshop and mini competition pre show. It was videotaped by Mr. Gayvon Mark and was hosted by Ms. Abigail Mc Intyre. The eight contestants had their makeup done by Ms. Mischka Thomas who believes that “Every woman should embrace her flaws and imperfections and it is what makes you unique.

ModelsMakeup is used to enhance one’s true beauty and does not define who you are”. The girls then went down to the Grenada Trade Centre where they had their first workshop on Extemporaneous and Impromptu methods of speech which was conducted by Ms. Beverly Victor who is currently a teacher at the St. Joseph’s Convent St. George.

As soon as the workshop was concluded, the girls were given 15 minutes to redesign a white T shirt(with exception to one of the contestants who had a florescent green T shirt) with only a scissors.

This was judged by two of Grenada’s talented designers, Ms. Miranda Hamid and Mr. Jamal Alexis. At the end of the 15 minutes, the Rockeal Rockann J Telesford  was the winner and was awarded to have Ms. Miranda Hamid work with her on her High Fashion Wear for the night of the show. Brittney Gaskin placed 2nd and was awarded to work with Mr. Jamal Alexis on her High Fashion Wear. Markeda Fletcher and Ria Thomas place 3rd and 4th respectively.

International Modeling Agency extends how thankful they are to Mr. Martin Bedeau for allowing the use of the Grenada Trade Centre, to Sheridon Charles for taking his time to come and take photos of the activities that took place and for everyone else including the contestants for making this show successful.

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