Adopting a “wellness posture and culture”

“Pay attention to your health”.

That’s the plea made by Minister for Social Development and Housing Delma Thomas who is also the elected Member of Parliament for the St. Andrew North-west constituency.

She issued the call last week Wednesday while addressing a special ceremony in her constituency to commemorate the healthcare achievements of the Princess Alice Hospital.

“A healthy nation is a wealthy nation is not just a saying but it is a reality we must always consider in our quest for national development”, Charles told the ceremony.

“We cannot overemphasize the need for greater health awareness among our people for us to limit the incidences of the many diseases that are affecting and afflicting more and more young people,” she said.

Noting that the issue of healthcare is one that successive governments have had to grapple with, Minister Thomas stated that while an institution like Princess Alice primarily deals with helping people to get well again ”we too as individuals” must adapt a “wellness posture and culture” to avoid certain sicknesses.

“Sometimes we hear people saying that we have one life to live and we have one death and yet we do not take care of ourselves. We refuse to exercise, to watch what we eat, but yet we have one life to live”, she said.

“We should live it right and live it good and ensure that we take care of our selves…and therefore we have to ensure that while we do every other thing that first we must give God thanks and praise but also take care of our being, ensure that every day we get some means of exercise, watch what we eat carefully and we do the correct thing to ensure that while we have one life to live we enjoy that one life”, she added.

The senior government minister acknowledged that the healthcare system in Grenada is very expensive to upkeep and congratulated Princess Alice Hospital on its 65th anniversary.
She also reiterated her government’s commitment to improve on the quality of services provided to the nation.

“As a government we will seek to give the healthcare provider more tools to work with, more supplies and back up (and) that we will appreciate in these tough economic times would never be enough,” she told the gathering while adding that  “given those challenges the human element in the delivery of services becomes even more crucial.”

Minister Thomas urged Grenadians to take better care of their health situation and urged them to understanding that “lifestyle, exercise and diet are crucial elements in the wellness of our people and we must pay attention to it”.

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