Lack of finance hindering Referendum date

The process of the much anticipated Constitution reform has been hit by a lack of finance which has resulted in no clear date being in sight for the referendum which was first announced to have taken place on  February 10th, 2015.

Legal Affairs Minister Elvin Nimrod who was providing Parliament with an update of the Constitution reform process said financing is a restricting element that has caused the delay in having a fixed date for the referendum.

Financing for the referendum has been sought from the United Nations (UN) which convened a Donors’ conference in Barbados late last year.

Minister Nimrod said since Government cannot afford to finance the entire process of the Constitution reform, the two year old administration has to wait until the prospective donors come to their rescue.

Meanwhile, the “JURIS” project which is geared at creating a dent on the backlog of civil cases in the High Court is being undertaken at a cost of $1M.

Legal Affairs Minister Elvin Nimrod said that Grenada is called upon to contribute $350,000 to the initiative.

Minister Nimrod recognised that given the country’s current financial situation the contribution to be made by Grenada is a lot of money, but felt it is a small price to pay for providing justice to the people.

There are currently over 200 cases awaiting adjudication in the High Court.

The Legal Affairs Minister disclosed that two Judges will be assigned to the local jurisdiction for nine months to assist with the project.

He said the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) will provide financing for the Judges for six of the nine months while they are in Grenada.

The Government of Grenada is charged with the responsibility of paying the salaries of two temporary Judges for three months.

Grenada is also responsible for providing accommodation and an efficient staff for the Judges.

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