Tough Time For Cops

FImage 2Less than a month ago, the public went into a frenzy when the social media showed a video of a young bus conductor manhandling a police officer who was seeking to arrest him for an alleged traffic offense.

This incident happened within the vicinity of the Bus Terminal on Melville Street and resulted in the public expressing much support for the police officer.

The conductor was charged and brought to court to answer charges related to the incident.

In the past few days, another video has surfaced on social media showing two other civilians engaged in a physical confrontation with law enforcement officers

The confrontation, which took place in the presence of a large gathering, lasted for several minutes before the aggressors were brought under control..

Despite the presence of the images, the Community Relations Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is continuing to insist to the local media that it is not aware of the altercation which took place near to the Fish Market and Abattoir on Melville Street.

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