Bishop Darius: Grenada is in Darkness

A prominent Religious Figure has spoken out against the social and moral decadence plaguing the country.

Bishop of the Diocese of St. George’s-In-Grenada, His Lordship Vincent Darius is convinced that darkness is hovering over Grenada, and has urge members of his Clergy and the Religious community to go out and minister to the people.

The Roman Catholic Bishop who at the time was preaching the homily at the recent Ordination ceremony of Gillian Jerome to the Congregation of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother (SSM) indicated that young people are looking for salvation in every corner.

He said when one looks at what is currently happening in Grenada he may be forced to ask the question – is there darkness?

“Of course there is darkness,” he lamented.

Bishop Darius told the congregation there is a high degree of despair among the people which leads to physical violence taking place within the family.

“Mothers are living in fear, children are living in fear,” he said.

The Head of the local Roman Catholic Church pointed out that there has been an increase of incest in the family, together with the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

He also mentioned that joblessness was affecting family life, and that the country is faced with the practice of witchcraft.

“There are so many sparks of darkness and that is where (the) Religious can bring light,” he said.
Bishop Darius highlighted the call made by Pope Francis for the Church to  to go out and meet with the people.

According to him, the Pope has challenged the Clergy to use the same door that they use to welcome people to go out and touch people’s lives.

He suggested that every member of the Clergy and the Religious must be men and women of the new evangelisation as real ministry takes place outside the physical building.

He warned the Church leaders that if they chose to make this an option then they are not being faithful to the mission of the Church.

Bishop Darius urged the congregation not to be discouraged by the challenges that confront them, and advised his flock to take courage in the ministry which God has given to His Church.

He believes that things can turn around when the Clergy and Religious learn how to collaborate with the lay faithfuls in building the parish.

At least one religious congregation is making use of the social media to influence the lives of the young people who are faced with social problems.

Formation Director of the SSM, Sr. Julie Peters told Good News Catholic Radio that they use technology to stay connected with the people.

The Religious Sister indicated that her congregation is standing with women and men who are in their most vulnerable broken state when they are enslaved.

Sr. Julie stressed that research shows that there is human trafficking taking place in the Caribbean which, according to her, is tied up in two areas.

She said human trafficking is done when people are illegally brought to work for almost nothing, and also in sex tourism.

Sr. Julie said that in whatever form injustice is done even if they do not have the resources to fight it, Religious Congregation often speak out against it.

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