GTA talks airlift at CHA marketplace

One of the things secured by the Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) at the recently held Caribbean Hotel Association’s “Marketplace” in Puerto Rico was increased airlift to the island.

This was announced by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the authority, Rudy Grant at a recent media briefing.

Grant told reporters that the local delegation that traveled to the Marketplace had the opportunity to sit down and hold dialogue with the airlines on their bookings and future projections.

“We were able to discuss load factors with our partners – many of our airlines are performing well. The overall load factor is good but there is still in many instances some capacity that we have to try to fill that capacity as well”, he said.

“…While we do all of that, we are also exploring the options in collaboration with the Airlift Committee of additional airlift coming into Grenada because that is critical,” he added.
Grant suggested that the island needed more airlift into the country to bolster the tourism industry.

“Its like the chicken and egg, you need to have the airlift in order to be able to drive the business upwards. It is critical that you create the demand to get the airlift but we are working in a collaborative effort with the Airlift Committee to ensure that there is airlift coming into Grenada,” he remarked.

Additionally, he said what was seen at CHA Marketplace is that Grenada is doing well and its guard will not be let down.

“Indeed there is still quite a bit of work that we have to engage in, in order to ensure that we are able to continue to experience growth with our tourism arrival numbers and continue to be able to see increase in visitor spend but overall the outlook looks very positive, looks very good”, he told reporters.

“We are ensuring that we are putting systems in place so that we could properly measure very early what is happening in the tourism sector so that we can ensure that we continue to be top …and continue to have increase in visitor arrival,” he said.

In recent years, tourism has surpassed agriculture as the main foreign exchange earner for the island and the leading sector in the creation of new employment opportunities.

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