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Implementation Minister Alexandria Otway-Noel is seen cutting the ribbon to mark the official opening of Quarantine Point road

Implementation Minister Alexandria Otway-Noel is seen cutting the ribbon to mark the official opening of Quarantine Point road

The Rotary Club of Grenada has finally opened the $191,000 concrete road project at the Quarantine Recreational park that will provide easier and better access to users of the facility.

The construction of the road is part of the larger Quarantine Development Project aimed at improving on the recreational park facilities at Quarantine Point for Grenadians and Visitors.

The Organisation of American States (OAS) in 1988 came up with a draft plan and policy for a system of national parks and protective areas and proposed that Quarantine Point be designated as a cultural landmark to be preserved for its recreational and ecstatic value.

The Rotary Club supported the proposed plan and in 2002 was able to get a 33-year lease for 4.4 acres of the 9.6 acres, which comprise the entire Quarantine Point area.

Past President of the Club, Gilbert Massell believes that the tenure is too short to do real development in the park.

“I believe that we have partially succeeded in the stages of the plan that we have identified for execution over time. We’ve cleared the site and we maintained much more than we leased…we have constructed picnic benches and tables which are used, sometimes abused, we have landscaped the area by planting 2-3 hundred yards of bougainvillea, we’ve erected a wooden picket fence which we have maintained against odds,” he explained.

According to Massell, the original idea of having the dirt road to the park remain had to be shelved as it was not proving to be the best in the end.

“The road is part of the larger development scheme although initially it was intended to remain an earth road. Our recent experience has led us to think otherwise. Every year we pay a significant amount of money to maintain (it) especially after the rainy season”, he said.

“…This road is part of the larger plan to build what we wanted here, a Club house with restaurant facilities, a number of picnic Gazebos with Barbecue pit areas and a camp site to facilitate young adults, Guides, Cadets, Scouts who camp here,” he added.

Massell pointed out that the lay-out plan was a bit too much and Rotary decided to scale it down with just a large Gazebo to cover users of the park from the sun.

Rotary’s District Governor, Elwin Atmodimedjo who was on island to witness the opening of the road to Quarantine, lauded the efforts of the local club for the efforts they put into the development of the park.

“Rotary is doing a lot of good things in the world. The most significant that we have done so far is our commitment to eradicate Polio from this world. A lot of people have followed our example…partnering with Rotary and the United Nations. That’s the magic word – Partnering. Although we do a lot of things we will and we cannot pretend that we do everything by ourselves, partnering is the magic word to do this,” he remarked.

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