New computer system by GTA

The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) will be introducing a new system aimed at ensuring that its competitors do not over power them in accessing “real time” information for the industry.

According to Chief Executive Officer of the authority, Rudy Grant, Grenada is the only Caribbean country that is utilising the CTO Management Information System for Tourism known as MISFT.

Grant said that this month, GTA would be changing the software programme that allows them to have information in real time.

“Within seconds after the data comes into the system, within seconds we will be able to see that data. We will be able to look at what is happening in terms of regions, we will be able to look by utilising the codes, we will be able to see the trends,” he explained.

The CEO pointed out that it is important for GTA to receive the information early because if there is an action which has to be taken with respect to what is happening in the market place or with major source markets, then that action has to be taken immediately.

“When I look at some of the report from last year, those reports come a month after, six weeks after the fact. We may be seeing for instance increase in visitor arrivals but in the North Eastern corridor, there may be a fall-off in visitor arrival numbers and indeed we have to put specific strategies in place to deal with that but it is important that we have the information early and that we’re able to act in a very timely manner to rectify any challenges which we have,” he said.
Grant stated that the new system being installed would allow the authority to have some flexibility.

“This new system provides access as well for all of the Marketing Executive and it provides the option of …making productions based on the history. One of the things that we would be doing is taking along the information that exist in the present MISFT system and we will be transferring that to the new system that we have, where we can manipulate that data to look at any trends and to look at what is happening over the years,” he said.

In recent years, tourism has emerged as the leading industry in Grenada in both foreign exchange earnings and employment generation and opportunities.

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