Cletus St. Paul accuses George Grant of fraud

Cletus St Paul – the former chief bodyguard of executed Prime Minister Maurice Bishop

Cletus St Paul – the former chief bodyguard of executed Prime Minister Maurice Bishop

Cletus St. Paul, the former bodyguard to slain marxist leader, Maurice Bishop is again making national headlines.

He landed the top job of Security Advisor to Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell after the New National Party (NNP) swept all 15 seats in general elections held two years ago.

St. Paul has made a stinging attack on Broadcaster George Grant by accusing him of engaging in corrupt practices.

THE NEW TODAY understands that the former bodyguard was heard giving a tirade on Grant in a conversation he allegedly had with local talk show host Kem Jones over the Chester Simon container issue.

St. Paul alleged that no duties were paid on the equipment that was brought in the country by Grant for his small FM radio station.

It is believed that the conversation, full of expletives, took place while St. Paul was present at a recent public meeting of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Birchgrove in St. Andrew’s.

The conversation which made its way onto the social media through YouTube was laced with raw obscene language from the top NNP official.

St. Paul was heard saying that Simon brought in a container last year that had radio equipment for Grant Communications and it was able to evade Customs and as such no duties were paid.

“ All George Grant equipment last year came through Chester … it passed free … George Grant whole f…..g communications passed through Customs without f…g duties being paid “ said St. Paul to Jones.

In a statement issued by Grant, he dismissed the allegations made by the current Security Advisor to PM Mitchell as being a figment of his imagination.

A statement published on Grenada by Grant quoted the broadcaster as saying that the allegations are not only inaccurate but also libellous.

According to Grant, he received concessions for the equipment from the Government of Grenada through Cabinet, and labelled St. Paul’s allegation against him as malicious.

Grant disclosed that in January 2013, the shipment with the equipment arrived in the country and was graciously processed and cleared by Customs without any hassle.

“The allegations that equipment for (the) radio station arrived here in a container from Mr. Simon and that I paid no duties on equipment last year are nothing short of figments of Mr. St. Paul’s imagination, or deliberately concocted with malicious intent,” he said.

St Paul played a key role in the trial in the mid-80’s of the 17 persons convicted for Bishop’s execution.

When he appeared on the Witness Stand, the former bodyguard identified several members of the Central Committee (CC) of the New Jewel Movement (NJM) as meeting at Fort Frederick and taking a vote to executive Bishop along with his ministerial colleagues – Unison Whiteman (Foreign Affairs), Jacqueline Creft (Education) and Norris Bain (Housing).

St. Paul’s presence at the NDC meeting came one day after the Assistant Public Relation Officer of NDC, Randal Robinson claimed that members of the party were being spied upon by officials of the State.

Robinson spoke of his own electronic device being monitored and disclosed that other party members are experiencing similar problems.

He said there is active intelligence and monitoring of their communications, and that they are also being followed.

About a year before it won the 2008 general elections, Congress had captured a member of the Special Branch of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) secretly taping one of its executive meeting on Lucas Street.

The then head of Special Branch, Superintendent Anthony DeGale was accused of mounting the secret operation against the NDC party as it sought to remove Mitchell’s NNP from office.

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