$7 million for special projects

Social Development and Housing Minister, Delma Thomas has announced that seven million dollars have been allocated by Government in 2015 to under take community-based projects to improve the lives of the people.

Speaking at Tuesday’s post-Cabinet press briefing, the minister said that the funds will be used to develop infrastructure, education, health, environment and other areas that can help to empower the people.

She said the seven million is an increase from five million and that more funds will be allocated to each constituency in the region of $50 to $100,000.00 to do more work.

“…There are some constituencies that are larger than others. For example St David’s and the South might be the two largest constituencies and therefore you would understand that their allocation would be bigger as compared to St Mark, which is smaller – the bigger the constituency the bigger the allocation,” she explained.

According to Minister Thomas, an additional component has been added to the special projects initiative in that training will be provided to some persons.

“While in the past we had more roads and bridges and other projects, this year we’ll look at a training component of the special project whereby unemployed persons within the different constituencies can be trained and this training will be one that is certified by the NTA but is not limited only to those training that is provided by the NTA,” she said.

One of the issues Government is seeking to address under the special project initiative is bathroom and toilet facilities for persons who are disabled old and are living by themselves.

Minister Thomas announced that steps would also be taken to eradicate the use of Pit Latrines by Grenadians in order to improve on the country’s sanitation level.

“We are really working to ensure that pit latrines become a thing of the past and we will agree that it would not happen overnight because there are maybe hundreds of persons in different communities who still use pit latrine. Therefore, this year would be the start of a new thing in helping to eliminate the pit latrine and so we’re talking about health care, improving the sanitation of our community and by extension the people within our different communities within the constituencies,” she remarked.

“…We cannot do everything one time but if we do a couple hundreds this year over the tri-island state of Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique, then we do some next year please God and as time goes by and we continue, I think in the end we will see maybe not a total eradication but we will be almost there until we get to the point of eradication.,” she said.

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