Congress leaders defend Jenny Simon

The Leadership of the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) has come to the defence of the President of the Women’s arm of the party, Jenny Simon in light of calls being made by the ruling New National Party (NNP) to take action against her for allegedly attacking the local Churches.

Simon, host of the weekly “NDC Heartbeat radio programme”, took issue with the comments made by the Chairman of the Conference of Churches of Grenada (CCG) Reverend Osbert James who gave support to avowed atheist, Chester Humphrey landing the prestigious post of President of the Senate.

The NNP also called on the Congress Leader, Senator Nazim Burke to apologise for the remarks made against Pastor Stanford Simon, an expelled Executive member of NDC.

In the case of Rev James, some persons are growing suspicious of him in light of the fact that he is the brother-in-law of the powerful Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Timothy Antoine, a trusted lieutenant of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell.

However, during a public meeting held at Birchgrove in St. Andrew’s, Sen. Burke indicated that Congress is a God-fearing political party and its business is not to attack the Church.

The NDC Political Leader indicated that no one in Grenada is above criticism, and if anyone does something that is wrong it must be criticised.

“We must not attack their Faith, we must not (attack) their Religion, we must not attack their Beliefs but we must criticise them, if they do something that is wrong we must say it is wrong” he told the crowd.

Sen. Burke said whether it is the priest or the pastor, the Deacon or the Reverend that is seen to be doing something wrong, unfair or unjust, they must have the courage to raise it.

He charged that opponents of Congress will continue to attack the Head of the Women’s arm (Simon) because they understand that she speaks her mind and the truth.

“When you get criticised Sister Jenny, don’t be disturbed, don’t be afraid”, said the Congress leader.

Sen. Burke urged supporters of his party to take the time to understand what is happening in the country.

“I want to encourage you brothers and sisters to take an open stand and speak out on what is right. We must not sit back… we must also unite around the good cause”, he said.

Former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas who was also on the platform stressed that Religious Leaders ought to be attacked when they do wrong.

Both clergymen are believed to be giving tacit support to the ruling party on a number of controversial issues surfacing in the country.

Former Prime Minister Thomas told the Congress gathering that today, under the NNP, the country is morally bankrupt.

“The NNP has no values and standards and we cannot ride along with that… and those Religious Leaders who are subscribing to this they must go to confession, “he said

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