34-year old Darren Maitland of Vendomme is one of the three charged with murder

34-year old Darren Maitland of Vendomme is one of the three charged with murder

The nation is trying to come to grips with the first two murders for the new year as both took place within 15 hours of each other last week Friday.

Dead are 27-year old Jessie Narine, a worker with a supermarket in the city and Leslie “Dirty Cup” Isaac of Darbeau, St. George’s.

Narine lost her life on Friday morning allegedly at the hands of her former lover, the father of her two children aged seven and four years.

“Dirty Cup” who runs a bar in the St. George’s Market was stabbed multiple times to death late Friday night in an area within the St George’s Market Square known as “Jam Rock” for its gambling activities.

Jacob Maitland is the other brother charged with murder

Jacob Maitland is the other brother charged with murder

Three persons – Kimon Charles and brothers, Darren Maitland and Jacob Maitland – have been charged by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) in connection with the murder.

The accused persons made their first court appearance Tuesday morning at the Number One Magistrate court presided over by Chief Magistrate Tamara Gill where the charge of non-capital murder was read to them.

The three who did not have legal representation in court were remanded to the Richmond Hill Prison until their next court appearance on February 24.

A police bulletin described Darren Maitland as a 34 year old man of Vendomme, Jacob Maitland, 33 years of Grand Anse Housing Scheme and Kimon Charles, 32 years.

 Police also charged Kimon Charles for the Market Square killing

Police also charged Kimon Charles for the Market Square killing

Well-placed sources told THE NEW TODAY that a few minutes before the killing, a number of persons including “Dirty Cup” and some of the accused were gambling for money.

A source who is familiar with the activities spoke of one of the accused taking up all the money from off the table.

This promoted “Dirty Cup” to pull a cutlass and inflict a wound on one of the them.

This newspaper understands that the sharpened weapon fell from his hand and two other persons moved in and held onto him tightly and thereafter a knife was used to inflict a number of stab wounds to the body.

Leslie “Dirty Cup” Isaac was stabbed repeatedly to death

Leslie “Dirty Cup” Isaac was stabbed repeatedly to death

“Dirty Cup” was seen bleeding profusely as he laid on the ground and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

The post-mortem that was conducted indicated that he died as a result of hypovolemic shock.

There are also reports that differences had emerged between some of the accused and the deceased who refused to allow them to tap into the electricity in his booth at the Market Square.

The Maitland Brothers were charged a few years ago for murder in connection with the killing of a Guyanese national in the St. George North-east area.

The charge was reduced to manslaughter and they were given a light prison sentence at the Richmond Hill prison.

Jessie Narine – her throat was slit

Jessie Narine – her throat was slit

The list of cases for the May 2014 Assizes in Grenada showed that Darren Maitland had three cases pending in the high court for Dangerous Harm, Wounding and Grevious Harm.

“Dirty Cup” was also a familiar figure with the police as a few years ago he was arrested for cutting off the hand of a man.

In the case of Narine’s murder, the police have not been able to lay any charges since the suspect is believed to have killed himself as his body was found hanging from a tree on Monday morning.

28-year old Rian Lawerence became a person of interest for the police after the killing of the Foodland Market Square employee.

A police release stated that Lawerence’s body was discovered approximately 9:00 a.m. on Monday 2nd February, hanging from a tree in Belle Vue Mountain, St Patrick by a farmer.

Rian Lawerence - hanged himself

Rian Lawerence – hanged himself

The discovery came three days after the small and tightly nit community of Red Mud in St Mark went into deep mourning after Narine’s body was found lying in a river with her throat slit.

Reports reaching THE NEW TODAY newspaper indicate that the deceased had complained to her co-workers about constant threats being made to her by Lawerence.

She reported to her co-workers, that Lawerence, who is the father of her two children, seldom handled his responsibilities as a father and because things started getting worst she decided to end the relationship a few months ago.

She told co-workers that he found out she was seeing someone else, and as result threatened to kill her and then take his life.

“I must kill you and after I kill you, ah drinking gramaxone…if I can’t have you, no one else can have you”, the deceased reportedly told his children’s mother.

The threats resulted in Narine having to be closely guarded by her brothers almost daily as she left home to take a bus to travel to the city to take up work because of fear for her life.

On the fateful day, the brothers did not accompany her all the way to the bus and the suspect is believed to have used the opportunity to pounce on her.

Narine reportedly left home at around 8.00 a.m for the 50 minutes drive to the city in order to take up work at 10:00 a.m.but she never made it.

She was described as one who was always punctual and when she did not show up, the workers contacted her home and were told that she had left for work.

This prompted family members to start a search for her after they called her cellphone and got no answer.

Narine’s body was discovered in the river at around Midday.

Her co-workers described her as someone with a nice personality and that she will be greatly missed.

Lawerence’s mother spoke to THE NEW TODAY on Tuesday and expressed shock and surprise at the incident allegedly involving her son and his former lover.

She said that Rian who grew up in Chantimelle became a tradesman after attending NEWLO in Palmiste, St. John’s.

She indicated that he got a job to work on a house in Red Mud after Hurricane Ivan in September 2004 badly damaged the island’s housing stock.

He developed a friendship with several of the residents and eventually returned to the village to live and work among them.

It is believed that it was then that he met and fell in love with Nariine who fathered two children for him but decided to call off the relationship as Rian was said to be not taking care financially of the young boy and girl.

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